I think citrus soaps are probably my favourite soaps. The citrus scent has great staying power, and it’s really quite refreshing in your morning shower. I’ve got a collection of citrus essential oils that is probably too extensive, so I decided to make myself some 5-Alive soap. Lemon, white grapefruit, tangerine, lime, and orange. Yum. I used spirulina for the green for the lime, and varying amounts of buriti oil for the shades of yellow and orange.

I worked the soap to a thick trace and layered the different colours and scents to create a pretty 5-layered soap. It smells pretty, works well, and looks pretty groovy.

5-Alive Soap

30% olive oil
25% beef tallow
25% coconut oil
5% castor oil
15% avocado oil

Lye for 5% superfat

Water, as required by the soap making calculator

For the layer scents & colours—total essential oils should be 30g per 500g oils
Orange essential oil & buriti oil
Lime essential oil & spirulina
Lemon essential oil & buriti oil
White grapefruit essential oil & no colours
Tangerine essential oil & buriti oil

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