Lemon Eucalyptus Toilet Bombs

This fun little nuggets of citrussy-scented cleaning power are like bath bombs for your toilet, except instead of softening your skin, they fizzle away at your dirty toilet bowl. As far as toilet cleaning goes, these are actually pretty fun. That’s not much, but it’s something.



Eucalyptus Mint Cleansing Oil

This silky smooth Eucalyptus Mint Cleansing Oil is really quite lovely; freshly herbal and minty, with a touch of a cooling tingle that definitely helps perk one up first thing in the morning. I tried a new solubilizer and I really like it—the cleansing oil rinses off beautifully and isn’t too drying. It comes together quickly and easily, and I’ve included a big list of substitutions and alternatives at the end of the recipe so you can easily adjust it and make it work with whatever you have on hand.

How to Make Eucalyptus Mint Cleansing Oil


Super Concentrated Lemon Dishwashing Paste

If you’ve been using liquid dishwashing detergent, prepare to have your world rocked. Seriously. Solid dishwashing paste kicks dishwashing butt in ways you didn’t think could happen. It’s so amazing that I was actually excited about washing dishes as I was developing this recipe. Solid detergent blows liquid detergent out of the water and I will never understand why it’s not more readily available in North America. But no matter, because now you can make your own super concentrated lemon dishwashing paste!

How to Make Super Concentrated Lemon Dishwashing Paste


Lemon Basil Soap (with fresh Click & Grow basil!)

I’m not sure what it is about this hobby (or maybe it’s just me), but people always assume I have a green thumb (people who have never seen my yard, at least). With the utmost faith in my ability to nurture and create they assume I have an abundant vegetable garden and overflowing planters of cheery blossoms. Unfortunately for me, they are very wrong. Now, some of this is for lack of trying—I’ve never actually tried a vegetable garden, and I’m completely satisfied to let whatever perennials pop up in my flowerbeds be my entire flower collection. Herbs, however, are a thing I have tried. In particular, basil. I cannot keep the stuff alive in Calgary. When I lived in Toronto I easily kept a basil plant alive in a water bottle on my windowsill, but here—not a chance, and it breaks my heart. Basil is my all-time favourite fresh herb, but it wilts quickly when bought at the market and dies with rather disheartening determination whenever I try to grow it. I’m always so envious of people who lament having “too much” basil—as if there was such a thing! This is where a fantastic bit of technology has saved my basil loving ways—the Click and Grow.

How to Make Lemon Basil Soap


Gentle Calendula Cleansing Oil

Something about the string of hot summer days we’ve been having has been making me think about herbs. It’s probably all the lush, overflowing gardens Lottie and I walk past on our walks, and the way the now-golden prairie grass ripples in the wind. It could also be that I recently realized I needed to use up a jar of calendula infused olive oil pronto, or I’d be throwing it out the next time I went to use it (that doesn’t sound like me at all, does it? 😬). Anywho—this simple sunny yellow cleansing oil is infused with wispy golden calendula petals to create a gentle cleansing oil with the anti-inflammatory goodness of calendula.


Luminous Summer Body Oil

I’m pretty excited about this lovely Luminous Summer Body Oil—it’s got some pretty neat stuff going for it. While one certainly can make (and I definitely have) a super-simple body oil by simply combining mica and oil, I wanted to make an extra lovely body oil. I wanted a body oil that had amazing, silky slip, a beautiful dry-touch finish, and some seriously great-for-skin oils. If you want to keep it simple and leave out the extras you definitely can, but if you like body oils and want to try an extra-awesome one I can’t recommend this Luminous Summer Body Oil enough ✨

How to Make Luminous Summer Body Oil


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