These days, static electricity is one of my constant companions (along with dry air and my emotionally needy 80lb dog). It’s most noticeable when I’m pulling clean laundry from the dryer (zap!), but also pokes its head out when I’m wearing a toque or cuddling up in some flannel PJs (double zap!). I don’t mind it most of the time, but when it works its way up to my hair, it’s annoying.

How to Make Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

This anti-frizz hair mist is wonderfully useful for taming flyaways and eliminating static electricity. I added essential oils of rose and cardamom, so it smells wonderfully exotic. I also added a bit of camellia seed oil to help with the frizz after the water dries. Even though the oil is a pretty small percentage of the recipe, you have to be careful not to over-spritz, or you will go from un-frizzy to noticeably oily in fairly short order.

How to Make Anti-Frizz Hair Mist
How to Make Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

55g | 1.8g fl oz water
10g | 0.35oz solubilizer
9g | 0.31oz  camellia seed oil
9 drops cardamom essential oil
2 drops rose absolute

Pour the solubilizer, oil, and essential oils into the bottom of an 80mL (2.7 fl oz) bottle. Swish to combine.

Add a bit of water, cover, and shake. Add the rest of the water, and shake to combine.

How to Make Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

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