Conditioning Earl Grey Body Butter

This Conditioning Earl Grey Body Butter ended up being one of those things that sounded like a good idea, and then turned out to be a great idea in practice. Don’t you love it when that happens? In abstract, adding some conditioning, cationic goodness to a body butter sounded like a thing that would be nice, but once I actually made it—whoa! Guys; this stuff is amazing. It’s silky smooth and fast absorbing, and leaves your skin feeling soft and protected and silky and wonderful and just… I’m utterly besotted.

How to Make Conditioning Earl Grey Body Butter


Vanilla Spice Whipped Body Butter

If you’ve ever wanted to schmear yourself in spiced vanilla frosting and have it render your skin soft and glowy instead of sticky and covered in lint, I’ve got good news for you—Vanilla Spice Whipped Body Butter. Awww, yeah. This stunning butter smells divine and has a consistency similar to that of marshmallow spread, but without the moment of “why on earth do I own this?!” when you find it in your cupboard next to some old vegemite and nuts from a 2008 Christmas basket. You will always know why you own this because it is wonderful. You just might wonder why you haven’t used it all yet 😃

How to Make Vanilla Spice Whipped Body Butter


Vanilla Spice Body Butter Bar

It has been far too long since I’ve made a body butter bar, and this year’s Vanilla Spice theme was absolutely begging to be body-butter-barred. I also wanted to play a bit more with some silky, lightweight cetyl alcohol to create a luxxy body bar that was a bit lighter and more satiny than some of the ones I’ve made in the past. As with all body butter bars it comes together in a flash—measure, melt, stir, and pour, and that’s it! Perfect for gifts 🙂

How to Make Vanilla Spice Body Butter Bars


Chamomile Winter Hand Butter

When I was a kid I had the most absurdly dry hands—the kind of dry that hurts. I can remember having hands so dry that lotion stung, and they’d crack and bleed. I think I was about twelve or thirteen when I realized I was sick of having sore lizard hands and it was in my power to do something about it. I started carrying lotion around in my backpack and things improved immensely, and I’ve never looked back. My hands are still pretty prone to dryness, though—between diligent washings and our very dry climate the answer to “want some hand lotion?” is always an emphatic yes. So, I thought I’d baby my hands a bit with this Chamomile Winter Hand Butter.

How to Make Chamomile Winter Hand Butter


Orange Abyssinian Overnight Balm

This juicy, honey-hued Orange Abyssinian Overnight Balm is utterly lovely. It has an almost unbelievable dry finish, leaving skin hydrated, but not greasy. It smells of pure, juicy oranges with the slightest hint of sweet, floral Tahitian gardenias. It’s smooth and rich, and it’s vegan. In short, it’s beautiful. I like using it on my face before bed on extra dry days—it’s brilliant for dry patches, and guarantees I’ll have sweet smelling dreams. Yum.

How to make Orange Abyssinian Overnight Balm


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