Protective Pooch Paw Wax

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love dogs. I am that person who will always ask if I can pet a puppy I see at the park, and I’ve fallen in love with many the puppy in an instant. I also do a bit of dog walking here in Calgary, and if a pooch has longer fur that comes out between the pads of their paws, I’ll usually have to give them a bit of a pedicure when we get home. Ice balls tend to clump up on the fur and accumulate between the pads on their feet, and that can’t be comfortable. Add to that the salt and sand we use for traction, and the general coldness of winter, and being a bare-pawed dog on a winter walk can be uncomfortable. That’s where this Protective Pooch Paw Wax comes in.


Bill’s Lavender Salve

Back in 2014, Bill wrote to me with a recipe request for a lavender salve he’d been really enjoying using. He described it as “terrific stuff, with a texture just slightly lighter than Vaseline, a quite pungent lavender aroma, and yellow in colour (like lemongrass soaps).” Oooh. And I just happened to have a vintage “Hendonia Ye Olde English Lavender Brilliantine” tin begging to be re-filled, and some brand new cera bellina burning a hole in my pantry. And roughly seven different kinds of lavender essential oil. All that is to say that this salve really needed to be made, and here we are with Bill’s Lavender Salve.

How to Make Bill's Lavender Salve


Herb Infused Belly Bar

Another year, more babies. The wife of one of my co-workers is due to have their first baby in the first quarter of 2016, so I thought I’d make her an herb infused belly bar to ward of itchy belly and stretch marks. It’s wonderfully easy to make and just the thing for any expectant mothers in your life 🙂

How to Make a Herb Infused Belly Bar

How to Make a Herb Infused Belly Bar


Fireplace in a Tin

First I made Air Conditioning in a Bottle, and then Air Conditioning in a Tin, and now I’m making Fireplace in a Tin. Frankly, I can’t believe it’s taken so long as I am far more likely to require heating than cooling up here in Canada. Let’s not delay things any longer!



The heat in this deep red, spicy balm comes from warming essential oils—chilli seed, cassia, and black pepper, primarily. These essential oils are blended into a glassy balm thickened with candelilla wax so you can easily glide a thin layer of the balm across your skin.


Lady Cramp Salve

This lady cramp salve is for those days when your uterus is staging an in-body uprising. If you are not the proud owner of a uterus, perhaps you’d like to bake a cake or something instead of making this salve—of you could make a batch for your favourite uterus owner. They’ll appreciate it.

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