Summer Margarita Emulsified Scrub

I’ve got margaritas on the brain these days, and oddly enough, it’s not because I’m drinking them. It’s because of Jimmy Buffett. Most people are pretty surprised to hear that Jimmy Buffett is one of my all-time favourite musical artists. Now, before you revise your mental image of me to include a closet full of khaki shorts, Hawaiian print shirts, and a pet parrot, let me explain! My dad loves Jimmy Buffett, so I grew up with him, and he sounds like summer and nostalgia and happiness to me. And, while his more popular calypso-style hits never fail to make me smile (I may or may not be listening to Margaritaville as I type this), most of my Jimmy Buffett favourites are songs that have never received any radio play, like Savannah Fare You Well and his cover of Bruce Cockburn’s Pacing the Cage (give them a listen!). Anywho, it has long been a dream of mine to see him in concert with my dad, and guys—it’s happening!!! I’ll be joining my family to see him live in Vancouver in October and I don’t know if I can adequately express how excited I am! Ever since I found out I’ve been listening to my Jimmy Faves playlist a whole lot, and counting the days (64!). So, basically, Jimmy Buffett inspired this sugar scrub, and we can all be grateful I took inspiration from Margaritaville for this scrub and not Cheeseburger in Paradise!

How to Make Summer Margarita Emulsified Scrub


Seaside Emulsified Salt Scrub

I’ve shared a couple emulsified sugar scrubs lately, and in the comments of one of them, Penny asked about salt. Something about her skin loving salt in scrubs, and how perhaps I should try it. Hmmm. Once I started thinking about salt, that quickly led to sea salt… and seaweed… and summer. And the ocean, and bathing suits, and a cold beer (or three) and a good book… and can you tell I’m itching for it to be summer? Ha! Anyhow, back to the scrub—we have ourselves an emulsified scrub with mineral rich sea salt, seaweed, and some great-for-our-skin oils to make a Seaside Emulsified Salt Scrub. That’s pretty awesome on its own—add a chilled cerveza and a great novel to step it up to extra great!

How to Make a Seaside Emulsified Salt Scrub


Green Tea Coconut Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Today’s Green Tea Coconut Emulsified Sugar Scrub recipe is a request from Regina, who found a lovely (and pricey!) bright green body scrub that was spiked with matcha green tea and peppermint essential oil. I loved the idea of something green and fresh for spring—a scrub to buff away dry winter skin, leaving my super pale legs ready to welcome warmer days. A quick perusal of the ingredient list sparked a few ideas, and off I went!

How to Make Green Tea Coconut Emulsified Sugar Scrub


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