Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

A huge part of Christmas is the smells—to me, at least. The indoor fir tree, baking, gingerbread, oranges stuffed with cloves, mulled wine, and the contrasts between hot and cold; crackling fires and crisp, cold air. I just love it! So, in true holiday fashion, I developed a handful of essential oil blends for your diffuser to help your nose really enjoy your December—even if your oven isn’t constantly baking cookies, or your tree is fake. Enjoy!

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller

I’ve got a disgusting cold right now, and this Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller is my new favourite thing. It helps clear the sinuses, soothes my assorted aches, and helps cut through the pea-soup fog that has temporarily replaced my brain. Loaded with refreshing, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral essential oils, it’s easy enough to make when you’re so congested it feels like your synapses are on strike, and it’s downright lovely to have on hand when you’ve devolved into a sniffling, red-nosed, achy, whingey mess. Urgh. Colds stink.

How to make an Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller


Steamer Trunk Solid Perfume

This fantastic Steamer Trunk Solid Perfume conjures up memories of going through old trunks and boxes, looking for an old blanket, perhaps, or a dress your grandmother once wore. There’s a deep, rich scent of old wood and decades-old perfume from the carefully folded layers of fabric, and you catch a whiff of smoke as a yellowed letter slips out of an old pocket and flutters to the floor. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but the scent takes you back to childhood games of hide and seek in your grandparent’s basement, or perhaps a trip you once took to an old manor with wood paneled walls and canopy beds. It smells like travel and change, a century removed. I love it, and I think you will, too.

How to make Steamer Trunk Solid Perfume


Yin Yoga Mat Spray

Every week I make a point of attending a Flow into Yin yoga class. It’s my favourite class of the week; part work out, part therapy. We kick things off with a flow class, which then melts into a zenful yin class where we hold gentle poses for minutes at a time. I always leave feeling utterly divine.



June Solstice Perfume

This lovely amber perfume is delightfully complex with warm, sweet base notes and exotic, woodsy top notes. I’m really enjoying it as a bit of scent-sory (haha) sunshine in the midst of this rainy spring.

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