Gift Ideas for DIYers

If you’re here… you probably know this hobby can get spendy. And unfortunately, it’s also a pretty hard hobby to gift. Skiiers get new gloves, people who like cooking get swanky new knives, and people who like making lotions and soap get… odd looks. “4L of olive oil? Are you sure?” they’ll say. “That’s a lot of olive oil…” and then look at you like some oil-obsessed weirdo (and they probably aren’t wrong, let’s be honest). And so it goes. Hence, this post! If you need gift ideas for a friend who loves DIYing, or suggestions for people asking you for gift ideas, this should set you up.

Gift Ideas for DIYers


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I thought I’d dive back into the archives and share some ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas for expectant moms (first time or otherwise!). There’s loads of gift ideas out there for ladies who already have kids, but I wanted to give a nod to women who have one in the oven—this last Mother’s Day before they give birth is a funny little middling period worthy of a bit of celebration.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So, Christmas is approaching rapidly and you’re still missing gifts for a few people. Perhaps its a few hostess gifts you forgot about. Perhaps you haven’t even started your shopping yet and you’re getting a bit worried. No worries—I’ve got you covered with a few DIY suggestions that come together quickly and don’t require too many ingredients 🙂



DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for some homemade Christmas gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve got ten great ideas here for fun, easy, and inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts for everybody on your list 🙂



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