Champagne Glow Highlighting Powder

With spring and sunshine finally here, I want to get my glow on. I’ve been loving looks featuring glowy highlights that get their punch from catching the light with a touch of glimmer, but not outright sparkle. A sort of optical effervescence, you could say—like champagne. A slight golden glow with dancing bubbles and a feeling of whimsy. And from that visual was born this absurdly simple-to-make Champagne Glow Highlighting Powder.

How to Make Champagne Glow Highlighting Powder


Makeup Brush Cleanser

I’ve been meaning to whip up a makeup brush specific cleanser for a while. In the past I’ve just swirled my brushes on whatever bar of soap was sitting next to my sink, but for the past six months or so I’ve had foaming hand washes there instead, and I’ve found those don’t work nearly as well for getting makeup brushes clean. Happy to have an excuse to make something new, I set off to create an awesome Makeup Brush Cleanser!

How to Make Makeup Brush Cleanser


Snowy Dawn Cream Luminizer

Over Christmas we had a positively frigid cold snap here in Calgary; waking up to temperatures below -40°C with windchill was not uncommon, and most days had “highs” no higher than -25°C. This lasted for about ten days, and while my preference would’ve been to sleep through it swaddled in flannel, that wasn’t really an option as I have a just-barely-one-year-old puppy. So, we walked—once a day at the “warmest” time of day. And Lottie loved it; seeing her frolic through the champagne powder like a furry lunatic was positively delightful. Anyhow, as I waddled along behind my snow-loving puppy, bundled up in a ridiculous amount of down and Gore-Tex, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it all was. That was the inspiration for this Snowy Dawn Cream Luminizer.

How to Make Snowy Dawn Cream Luminizer


Snowflake Moon Drops

I’m having a bit of a love affair with fancy white powders. Mostly micas and glitters—irredescent ones that colour shift are my favourite right now. When I visited New York in October I placed a pre-emptive TKB Trading order and scooped up sample sized baggies of all kinds of colour-shifty stunning micas and glitters and added them to some other beauties from Windy Point and YellowBee and now… well, now I have a very packed box labelled “Fancy White Powders” in my basement (you’ll be pleased to hear I had no issues getting said fancy white powders through airport security). Surveying my lovely collection of magical white powders I got to thinking I should make some wicked highlighters out of them, and with the Snowflake theme on deck for this holiday season, Snowflake Moon Drops were pretty much irresistible.

How to Make Snowflake Moon Drops


Fireworks Lip Gloss

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever outgrow glitter. I don’t particularly want to, but I also didn’t want to realize the special effects in some of my favourite childhood movies are painfully bad. Sometimes these things just happen. One of my strongest glitter memories is from musical theatre in the tenth grade. I was fifteen, and my ensemble character, in true musical theatre fashion, wore a leotard and a truly staggering amount of glitter all over my skin and throughout my hair. Our performance was in early December, and I remember I was still finding glitter on myself on Christmas Day. I may have used too much. Anyhow, difficulties removing it aside, I still love the stuff. So, when I paid a visit to Windy Point a couple weeks ago to find Michele and Kate positively sparkling from packing up some brand new Iridescent Super Sparkle Glitter, and Michele was kind enough to send me home with some, well… my imagination went wild. This Fireworks Lip Gloss is the first thing I’ve made with it, but it certainly won’t be the last!

How to Make Fireworks Lip Gloss


Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Today’s project is a simple one that I’ve been meaning to whip up for ages—a good makeup remover. It’s wonderfully easy with just three ingredients, one of which is very flexible and another is optional. It’s also wonderfully effective—I tested it with some seriously stubborn mascara and eyeliner from Benefit, so I can attest that this stuff works. I also designed it to be highly concentrated, making it great for travel. It’s awesome, it’s easy, it’s effective, and you should whip up a batch!


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