Aurora Borealis Soap

I had so much fun making this pretty soap. Coloured with powdered indigo and some pretty purple and green micas, I wanted to channel Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights—and the winter solstice seemed like a great time for it. I had a lot of fun thinking through how to create a soap that would channel such an incredible natural wonder, and while I don’t think I quite nailed it, I do think these pretty bars are a fitting tribute.

How to Make Aurora Borealis Soap


Snowflake Christmas Soap

Welcome to the second soap (and the second theme) of the 2017 Christmas DIY-ing season! These beautiful bars have a striking pale blue corner that contrasts the creamy white majority, and the whole lot is topped with a double glitter topping. These aren’t beginner bars, but if you’re a comfortable soaper with a solid handle on what a thin trace looks like, there’s nothing too complicated going on here. And, as an added bonus, this Snowflake Soap is a pretty hard formula that’ll age up pretty quickly, so if you’re a procrastinator you’ll definitely want to keep them in mind!

How to Make Snowflake Christmas Soap


Vanilla Spice Christmas Soap

Welcome to the start of the 2017 Christmas DIY season! As usual we’re kicking off with soaps so they’ve got plenty of time to age while we round off our gift sets with other goodies like lotions, lip balms, body butters, and other varieties of pampering goodness. The Vanilla Spice theme is one you’ll be seeing carried through to lots of other delicious projects, so if you like it, make sure you’ve got the essential oil blend on hand—it will definitely be making some repeat appearances! But for now, let’s make some Vanilla Spice Christmas Soap.


Minty Forest Soap

Soaps starring cedarwood and mint seem to be perennially popular; I think I see a few at every farmer’s market and craft fair I attend. And honestly, it’s not hard to see why! The scent combination is fantastic—soft, sweet cedarwood pairs beautifully with bright, punchy peppermint for a wonderful olfactory experience that’s pretty darn universal. I decided to veer a bit off the beaten cedarwood-mint path with my styling, though. Many of the bars I see using this scent combo really embrace dark browns and forest greens, but I was feeling a bit… perkier. Let’s make some Minty Forest Soap!

How to Make Minty Forest Soap


Lemon Basil Soap (with fresh Click & Grow basil!)

I’m not sure what it is about this hobby (or maybe it’s just me), but people always assume I have a green thumb (people who have never seen my yard, at least). With the utmost faith in my ability to nurture and create they assume I have an abundant vegetable garden and overflowing planters of cheery blossoms. Unfortunately for me, they are very wrong. Now, some of this is for lack of trying—I’ve never actually tried a vegetable garden, and I’m completely satisfied to let whatever perennials pop up in my flowerbeds be my entire flower collection. Herbs, however, are a thing I have tried. In particular, basil. I cannot keep the stuff alive in Calgary. When I lived in Toronto I easily kept a basil plant alive in a water bottle on my windowsill, but here—not a chance, and it breaks my heart. Basil is my all-time favourite fresh herb, but it wilts quickly when bought at the market and dies with rather disheartening determination whenever I try to grow it. I’m always so envious of people who lament having “too much” basil—as if there was such a thing! This is where a fantastic bit of technology has saved my basil loving ways—the Click and Grow.

How to Make Lemon Basil Soap


Morning Frost Soap

This Morning Frost soap was inspired by a beautiful walk I took back in November with the oh-so-friendly Scotch—potentially the world’s nicest goldendoodle. Scotch and I were out in the morning, walking down one of Calgary’s bluffs into a valley. This was before real snow and winter set in, but it was one of our first colder days, with frost and a bright blue sky. The leaves of autumn were long gone, so the valley was covered in wilted golden grass and naked trees—and every surface was covered in the most stunning frost. It was big, flaky frost that caught the light in every direction, making the entire valley glitter. This kind of frost is called hoar frost, and you should definitely check out this blog entry of beautiful photos of it so you know why I got so excited about it. Anyhow, I didn’t want to call these bars Hoar Frost soap … so Morning Frost Soap it is!


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