What I Packed for One Month Alone in Europe

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I spent most of May travelling, and it was amazing! I started in Florence, Italy, moved on to Amsterdam, and then headed south to Montpellier, France. Next up was London, and then New York City on my way home. It was an absolutely incredible month full of walking (I was averaging 15km/day!), amazing food, beautiful places, and learning. I took hundreds of photos and fell in love with the world all over again. Anyhow, I wanted to share what I packed (lots of it was homemade—no surprise there!), some travel lessons and tips, and some pictures. Cue the wanderlust!

What I Packed for One Month Alone in Europe


Smarter Ways to Travel With Homemade Soap

I love to travel with my homemade bars of soap, but it can get a bit awkward and slimy. The last time I went to New York City I was staying in a budget hotel with shared showers, meaning I was carrying a slippery, wet bar of soap back to my room after every shower and carefully perching it on the corner of a slightly ajar drawer to dry it back out. I never use hotel bar soaps, either, preferring my own, which means I either have to stop washing my hands the night before I leave somewhere, or I’m packing a wet bar into a zip top bag and hoping for the best. Erk. Anyhow, when Danni got in touch wondering about single use soap petals for traveling and camping, I got to thinking—what other ways could I travel smarter with my homemade soap?

3 Smarter Ways to Travel With Homemade Soap


Gentle Facial Cleansing Balm

I am so very thrilled with this gentle facial cleanser, and I think you will be, too. It’s thick and creamy, and works into a gentle lather as you massage it into damp skin. It rinses away easily, leaving your face clean and smooth, but not overly dry. And, unlike many similar store bought products, it doesn’t have any chemical surfactants in it.



New York City

As a lover of cities, Broadway, and chocolate chip cookies I have long wanted to visit New York City, and last month I finally did. I went with my mother, and we had a blast. We walked a lot, enjoyed some fantastic food, and just enjoyed being a part of such an alive, teeming city.

14-06-15-pic28 14-06-15-pic29


Costa Rica

Back in early March Craig & I went to Costa Rica, and it was divine. So, I thought I’d take an entry to be a bit indulgent and share some photos and memories, as well as some tips if you intend to visit the area.


We visited the southwest edge of the Nicoya peninsula. We made a point of avoiding more touristy areas like Tamarindo and instead visited the Santa Teresa area, where the surf was said to be gentle enough for beginners (which we both are). Santa Teresa blends into Playa Carmen and Malpais to the south, and Playa Hermosa and Manzanillo to the north. The entire coast is lined with beautiful, pristine beaches, many of which are nearly empty once you get past Playa Teresa.


Toner Tablets

I absolutely love toner. It’s a super easy way to give my face a quick cleaning and refreshing, especially after a walk on a hot summer day. Despite the leakage risks, I always travel with it—a small bottle makes for a nice, refreshing break on long flights. Unfortunately, it can also make for a lemongrass scented soggy mess if something gets bumped the wrong way. Hence, dry toner tablets!

13-05-12-pic1013-05-12-pic13 (more…)

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