This exfoliating, pore cleaning face mask is full of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins to leave your face feeling fresh and awesome.


I blended mineral rich Dead Sea mud, enzyme loaded raw honey, and some water for the base of my mask. Into that, I whisked healing silk, vitamin-loaded seaweed powder, and gentle pore-cleansing kaolin clay.


Up next, a few drops of lightweight hazelnut oil blended with some spicy frankincense and bright lemon to lighten up the definite seaweedy scent of this mask. The essential oils were a gift from Heather, who wanted me to have a chance to check out doTerra essential oils. Aren’t those little bottles the cutest?!


After letting the mask dry on my skin, I rinsed if off using a gentle massaging motion with a damp washcloth to get some great exfoliating going on. This mask is pretty scrubby, and as such might not be a great choice for anyone with quite sensitive skin.


So, if your weekly face mask routine needs a bit of a shake-up, let me present this silky, muddy mask as an alternative. I think you’ll like it.

Dead Sea, Seaweed, & Silk Face Mask

1 tsp runny Dead Sea mud (or ½ tsp stiff mud + ½ tsp water)
¼ tsp raw honey
½ tsp water, aloe vera juice, or witch hazel

¼ tsp silk powder, peptides, or amino acids
¼ tsp seaweed powder
2½–3 tsp white kaolin clay

2–3 drops hazelnut oil (or other light carrier oil)
2 drops frankincense essential oil
1 drop lemon essential oil

Whisk the Dead Sea mud, honey, and water together in a small dish. Once combined, whisk in the silk, seaweed, and clay, adding the clay slowly until you have a thick, smooth paste. Whisk in the oils.

To use, spread the creamy mixture over your face and let it dry for ~20 minutes before rinsing off. Follow up with some argan oil.



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