If you’ve ever made a smoothie, you can make lotion. Hell, even if you haven’t, I’m pretty sure you can make lotion. It’s a simple emulsion, and you can use a blender to do most of the work.

Homemade lotion has heaps of advantages over that stuff you buy from the store. You might think it’s doing a pretty good job, but… no. Not really. Most store bought lotions primarily use mineral oil and silicone by-products to coat your skin and make them feel moisturized, but those ingredients won’t actually sink into your skin and moisturize it right and proper. I’ve noticed a recent trend in boasting shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and other natural ingredients as major components of mass-produced lotions. If you’ve ever actually checked the ingredients on these lotions, you’ll quickly see that they contain, at best, a smidgen, of said ingredient, and it’s probably been beaten within an inch of it’s life.

If you want to buy some all-natural lotion, you’re more than welcome, but you’ll need to know what to look for (a latin nightmare), and they’ll also overcharge you a stupefying amount. So, seriously, just make your own. This recipe has served me very well, and it’s wonderfully easy.

Basic Homemade Lotion

60g grapeseed oil
40g apricot kernel oil
16g jojoba oil
4g virgin coconut oil
20g beeswax
4g vitamin E oil

116g distilled water
2g borax
4 g vegetable glycerin

Essential oils of choice

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Tins, pots, or shallow mason jars

Combine the oils in a small saucepan, and melt together. Take care not to over-heat, and remove from the burner the moment the beeswax melts. Combine the water ingredients in a second pan and heat, stirring, until the glycerin and borax have dissolved, then remove from heat.

As the oils cool, stir them with a silicone spatula to keep the beeswax integrated into the oils. Once both parts are cooled to room temperature (use your finger to check, though the oils should be semi-solid when you do or you’ll torch yourself).

Scrape the cooled oils mixture into the bottom of the blender. Remove the plug from the blender lid, cap the blender, and start running it on medium. Slowly pour in the water solution, little by little, stopping to scrape down the sides of the blender and make sure the bits under the blade are getting involved. Continue this until everything is all combined, lovely and creamy and such. Whir the essential oils and preservative in last. Use a spatula to scrape the lotion into tins or pots.

Now, to clean up the blender. It’ll take a lot of soap, hot water, and scrubbing, and I’d highly recommend running it through the dishwasher after you’ve done the best you can by hand.

Voila! That’s it. Moisturize away! It’s hard to say how long this lotion will last, but because this lotion is super thick we have to keep it in an open jar, which increases chances of contamination (aka shortens the shelf life) because you’re likely dipping dirty fingers into it (yes, even with a preservative—they aren’t infallible!). If you see any colour or consistency, notice a shift or scent, or see mould, chuck it and make more.

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