The kind of silk I have is different than the one called for. Can I use it?

Assuming you don’t have a bolt of silk fabric, yes. Silk peptides, amino acids, and powder are all generally interchangeable. The difference is in the mesh of the powder. Powder is the coarsest, peptides are the middle of the road, and amino acids are the finest. The finer, the more easily absorbed, but unless otherwise stated they can be swapped for one another without noticing much (or any) difference in the final product.

Tussah silk is silk that’s still in fiber form—you’ll get it in a sort of lump of wispy fibers that you can pull apart. You can use it, but I find it requires significantly more encouragement to dissolve. I’ve tried an immersion blender, but the fibers just wrap themselves around it, so I wouldn’t recommend that. Instead, pull them apart as best you can and leave the silk to soak in your liquid until dissolved (heating the liquid will speed this process up).

If you’ve got liquid silk, you can still use it, but only in recipes that contain water and are already liquid; things like lotion, soap, and conditioner are a go, but powdered cosmetics or 100% oil based things won’t work out.

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