Anti-Acne Recipes

White Willow Micellar Water

I’ve been playing around with my skincare routine lately, and one of the things I’m toying with is the notion of gentler cleaners. I’ve been using African Black Soap a lot for the last three months (or so), and that was working brilliantly for a few...

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Even Better Zit Drying Lotion

I have a constant New Years/Birthday/name any occasion resolution to stop touching my face. I am not very good at it. I’m an absent-minded chin-stroker, and it does absolutely no favours for my complexion. It’s infuriating. Anyhow, I have come to realize...

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Houdini Anti Acne Creme

I’ve had a few requests for a lotion similar to LUSH’s Vanishing Creme, so this is it. The idea is the creme will make your acne vanish, so with that in mind, I set out to make my very own Houdini Anti Acne Creme—something worthy of the great Houdini. I...

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Magical Primrose Argan Serum

This recipe is ridiculously simple. So simple, in fact, that you might think I just threw it together one day as a bit of a random idea. And you would be right. This project wasn’t supposed to be a blog entry—just an experiment. I figured I’d try it out...

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Anti-Acne Body Spray

With summer right around the corner, we’re entering the season of sweat. And, with sweat I find a body acne can follow. Delightful, no? I shan’t horrify you with any details. Anyhow, this spray is designed to combat acne on the body (and the face), and it...

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Manuka Honey Anti-Acne Mask

This simple mask can be easily made from ingredients you’ve got in your kitchen, and can be amped up with a few more that you can likely pick up at your local heath food shop. It’s full of beneficial enzymes and acne-fighting ingredients, and leaves your skin feeling...

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Clean Dreams Pillow Mist

Maria sent in a request for this lovely essential oil powered pillow mist, and I just loved the sound of it. The original was designed to help prevent breakouts caused by a dirty pillowcase, but with its lovely blend of essential oils, it’ll also help lull you into a...

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Über Anti-Acne Soap

After years of DIYing, I’ve got a pretty good cache of acne-fighting ingredients. From clays to herbs to essential oils, my basement cupboards are a veritable arsenal of zit-busting weaponry, and these bars of soap have it all. They’re designed to clobber zits and...

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Everyday French Green Clay Bar

Last September Margo, a reader and fellow clay aficionado, commented to tell me about this clay bar she used to buy at Sephora. It was just straight clay, in bar form, and it was nearly $50. Yipes! Margo quickly figured out that she could make her own for a lot less,...

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Indigo Acne Blaster

This indigo hued anti-acne roller smells wonderful and means business when it comes to zits. Snovel91 requested this Burt’s Bees inspired recipe back around Christmas, and I’ve just collected all the essential oils to make it. Based on their Herbal Blemish...

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Zinc & Clay Anti-Acne Lotion

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I can’t say enough wonderful things about clay when it comes to skin care (and especially acne). It’s an amazing pore-vacuuming, healing-encouraging, skin detoxing powdered miracle. I...

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Zit Drying Lotion

Drying lotion definitely seems a bit of an oxymoron, but the name comes courtesy of Mario Bedascu, along with the idea for the product. It is, more or less, rubbing alcohol, salicylic acid, and calamine lotion, and it’s designed to dry out your zits and make...

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Silver Powder for Banishing Blackheads

This fantastic three-ingredient blackhead banisher is another Mario Badescu dupe. Not only is it cheap and simple to make, but it really does work beautifully. Magically, even. So beautifully you’ll find yourself staring at your pores in the mirror, trying to...

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White Willow Bark Anti-Acne Toner

I’ve had my eye on some white willow bark for ages, due to its anti-acne properties thanks to its salicin content (grandfather to salicylic acid). You’ve probably seen store bought anti-acne products bragging that they “contain salicylic...

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DIY Healing Concealer

I’ve always thought concealer was a great big Catch 22. You start with an angry clogged pore that turns into a zit. So you cover it it up with some fleshy coloured goo (though let’s be honest, you aren’t fooling anyone within 2 meters of you). Said...

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Pore Shrinking Mask

My friend Meredith is super awesome for many reasons, but the reason I would like to broadcast today is how she is always finding awesome things for me to make, and cool new ingredients for me to try. She’s the lovely lady who got me hooked on argan oil back in...

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Activated Charcoal & Clay Spot Treatment

This is another one of those things that’s been on my to-do list for ages. Ever since I read that activated charcoal is a fantastic detox/drawing-out ingredient, and then happened to see it as an ingredient in some fancy face mask I’ve almost entirely forgotten about,...

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Honey Bee Facial

Debbi has been encouraging me to smear my face with raw honey as of late, and I have to say—I liked the idea. I’ve read a lot of fantastic things about raw honey. It’s a fantastic natural antibiotic ointment (it’s also anti-fungal and anti-viral), a...

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Gentle Spiced Face Mask

I tend to really plaster my face masks on, like I’m trying to lay tiles on my face or something. It seems to do the trick, so I continue to spread my clay concoctions on thickly (if more is better with Nutella, it must be true with masks as well, yes?). Anyhow,...

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Intense Facial Moisturizer

Winter is always dry, but Calgary is a special case. It’s the sort of place where it is regularly thirsty out, in addition to being cold and/or windy. My skin has always been acutely aware of this, sparking a lotion-toting habit bordering on the ridiculous. A...

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Black Soap

A couple years ago I was in Tribal Eye in Toronto and found these little bags of what looked like dirt clods. The label said “Black Soap“, but it didn’t look anything like any soap I’d ever seen. Dry, crumbly, and full of brown and black bits,...

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Lemongrass Green Tea Toner

After I motored through my batch of Vitamin C Toner in a matter of weeks, I just had to make another batch. This time I decided to make a few changes. The biggest one was using organic orange blossom green tea instead of aloe vera juice. I also added mango extract and...

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Sea Buckthorn Acne Serum

I’ve been planning to make an acne serum for a while now. I’ve had all kinds of great, healing oils in my cupboard for a while now. Oils like tamanu, black currant seed, baobab, and sea buckthorn. I stumbled across a little tip via Pinterest recommending...

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Vitamin C Toner

A new order of goodies recently arrived on my doorstep from New Directions Aromatics, so I’ve been spending the last few days playing with my new toys. One of the things I’ve been just itching to make ever since I placed the order was a vitamin C toner....

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