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Need an idea for an awesome homemade gift? Here's lots!

DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: 2016 Edition

Suddenly it’s the first day of December—how are your gifts coming along? Here’s my 2016 list of handmade gifts (and recipes, of course!) you can DIY up for anybody and everybody you know; let’s dive in: The Winter Wonderland gift set: Winter...

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Gift Ideas for DIYers

If you’re here… you probably know this hobby can get spendy. And unfortunately, it’s also a pretty hard hobby to gift. Skiiers get new gloves, people who like cooking get swanky new knives, and people who like making lotions and soap get… odd...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I thought I’d dive back into the archives and share some ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas for expectant moms (first time or otherwise!). There’s loads of gift ideas out there for ladies who...

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DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: 2015 Edition

18 days to go! Do you have all your gifts ready? No? Here’s some homemade Christmas gift ideas (and recipes, of course!) to get you started. For those with dry skin: Mexican chocolate body butter + Pumpkin spice body lotion The lip balm lover: Red velvet cake...

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So, Christmas is approaching rapidly and you’re still missing gifts for a few people. Perhaps its a few hostess gifts you forgot about. Perhaps you haven’t even started your shopping yet and you’re getting a bit worried. No worries—I’ve got you covered with a few DIY...

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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for some homemade Christmas gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve got ten great ideas here for fun, easy, and inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts for everybody on your list 🙂 Handmade Soap Cold process soap is reasonably easy to make, and...

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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

As I’m sure you can readily surmise, I am never at a loss when people ask me what I like to do in my free time. Similarly, my shelves and cupboards are never at a loss for things in tins and bars and bottles and what not. That said, though, I am not always the most...

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ve been asking all the men I work with what, out of all the things I concoct, would make good Father’s Day gift ideas. Here’s what they thought! A Luxurious Home Shaving Kit A few bars of shaving soap, a nice shaving brush, and some after shave and...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is probably the best gift-giving holiday when it comes to me and my obsessive DIY-ing. As a child I gifted my mum handmade crafts of popsicle sticks, paint, glitter, and glue. Fortunately for my mom, I’ve graduated into more useful DIY...

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10 Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts

As I’m sure you can imagine, I make a lot of my Christmas gifts. Here are some of my favourites. Body Butter It’s one of those gifts that seems really luxurious, but is wonderfully easy to make and scent as appropriate for each recipient. You can also have...

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Useful Christmas Gift Boxes

I love Christmas, but the amount of waste it seems to require is getting to me. Even if you love and can use every single gift you receive, chances are they still come wrapped in something you’re probably not going to find very useful once you rip it off and...

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