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    I always thought I had a darkerish complexion, but I guess I am more of a “Marie” than a “Jess”. Or maybe it’s just the first time I’ve actually wintered the whole winter in China in years. Usually I run away to Mexico to get a tan as this snow-white-ghost-thing might be great for some very deep Plum lipsticks, but looking in the mirror…. I could swear I see a ghost.

    Anyways, I discovered that I’m a “Marie”! With a lot of red undertones. So I used her recipe, and added in half a drop (1/64) of green oxide to the coffee grinder to help offset the red. This worked well in using light->medium airbrushing coverage (1.5tsp sericite mica) foundation.

    Words to the wise on oxides, get your oxides from a store that sells cosmetic base ingredients. I bought my original oxides from the factory who sells to cosmetic companies so the colours I was getting in my cosmetics matched my skin, but golly… they were some crazy colours!



    Smart to add the green!



    I have redness too, so I figure that I will be adding that bit of green in my foundation also. Hopefully, I’ll get some time to do a little cosmetic-making today! ~happy dance~



    Something else you can do for an easy anti-redness is add some green to the powder base or cream base, or even just mix up a touch of green with some sericite mica (or silica!) and a few drops of your favourite oil for an anti-redness primer/serum 🙂



    Fantastic! I’ll keep that in mind for Monday when I get to putter again.

    I now can say that yes, the colour changes over the first few days. Or my skin tone changes that quickly. But the two batches I made for me, and the one I made for a friend, are now too light for the skin! So Monday, I get to head back into the kitchen and work with colours!

    Originally, I made “Marie” and that worked well for a day or so, but then was too light. So I made “Jess”, which was too dark. So then I quickly made another batch aiming for somewhere in the middle, and I looked like Donald Trump. I’m not tossing anything as I brown up beautifully in the summer, and might be able to use it or gift it to someone in the summer.



    I’m learning a lot listening to everyone here. I bought cosmetic grade oxides, so that will help. Need to invest in more TO. I have oil miscible but not water. (Oops. Lol) I have my zinc oxide (I tended to buy this regularly as I made baby butt cream for my niece when she was a wee lassie, she’s now 6!) but I need to invest in sericite, which will arrive soon.

    Which “slip” and adhesion ingredients are you liking best so far? I’m wondering as my cart gets bigger and bigger. (Thanks, Marie!) It could be an interesting project– which has better slip and where they work best. (Hint hint)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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