Face Mask Recipes

Use natural homemade face masks to clear out your pores and brighten your complexion. Clay face masks are a must-do part of my weekly skin care routine—give them a try, I think you'll love them!

The French Clays

Learn more about how the French clays and how they behave in face masks.

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The Heavy Clays

Bentonite and rhassoul clays are heavy and sandy—how are they different from their lighter cousins?

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See it in Action

I made a fun, fast face mask video!

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Snowflake Face Mask Mix

I’m a huge fan and advocate of clay face masks—I love the pampering factor, how they gently exfoliate, and how they help clear out my pores, leaving my face refreshed and invigorated. For all the praise I heap on them, though, it’s been a hard thing to get my...

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Calming Milk and Honey Face Mask

This past weekend I ran my first-ever 10km race! It was in Montreal, and it was proper hot last weekend—so hot they cancelled the full marathon out of safety concerns. The 10k race was at 8:45am and it was already somewhere between warm and hot when that started,...

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Fuller’s Earth Calming Lavender Face Mask

If your skin is hankering for a bit of pore cleansing, brightening, lavender-scented goodness, this is the mask for you. It stars Fuller’s Earth clay (also known as Multani Mitti), a clay with a long history of cleansing, brightening, and helping fade acne...

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Yogurt Oat Face Mask

A couple months ago I made a pretty awesome discovery—yogurt + my face. It’s not so much the yogurt as the probiotics that live in it; millions of little happy bacteria, living some sort of pastoral life in my fermented milk product. Well, that’s how I...

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Honey Bee Sheet Face Mask

OK—before I dive into this Honey Bee Sheet Face Mask recipe, I need to warn you guys about something. If you’ve been following me for a while, by now you are used to my mask recipes coming with a few goofy-yet-cute selfies of me with pasty goo all over my face....

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Morning Frost Face Mask

It will not come as a surprise that I am no lover of winter, but I will concede that it can be very pretty. I love the sparkle of morning frost, especially when a thin dusting of it adorns every tree branch, porch step, and fence post. On a perfectly crisp morning the...

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Holiday Parfait Face Mask

These cute jars of Holiday Parfait Face Mask make fantastic gifts as well as fantastic face masks. Layers of different colours of clay stack up in cute jars for the perfect stocking stuffer that’ll pamper the pores of anybody lucky enough to be on your gifting...

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Brightening Kaolin Bentonite Face Mask

This Brightening Kaolin Bentonite Face Mask came about as a bit of an oopsie. After I made my video on the differences between kaolin and bentonite clay I had a total brainfart as I went to put the clays away. Instead of putting the unused benonite back into its...

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Salty Sea Mud Face Mask

Alright, I’ll admit it. I have a clay problem. So, when I discovered that Bulk Apothecary carries a clay I’ve never tried before… well, guys… it called to me. A siren song of powdery, pore cleansing goodness, and I was powerless to resist. The...

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Lilac Rose Face Mask

My garden has sprung to life with beautiful pale purple lilacs, fluffy pink roses, and a lawn that needs to be mowed far more often than seems necessary (it’s still better than shovelling the walk, though!). Whenever I work outside on my back porch I’m...

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Honey Bee Face Mask

Spring has sprung here in Calgary! We’ve got blooming tulips, budding roses, leafy trees, green grass, and lovely bumbling bees again, and all of this makes me unbelievably happy. In honour of our recently returned bumbling bee friends I whipped up this silky...

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Mocha Face Mask

This exfoliating mocha face mask smells downright divine and is a wonderful gentle cleanser. It was just what I needed after submitting my manuscript for Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care, By Marie Rayma, creator of HumblebeeandMe.com to my...

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Moringa Face Mask

I whipped up this moringa face mask the day after returning from Philadelphia, where I met with my publisher and we took some pretty photos for my upcoming book (!). After many hours spent on airplanes and in airports, jumping from dry to humid to dry again, and days...

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Winter Solstice Pore Detox Face Mask

Today is the winter solstice here in North America—the shortest day and the longest night of the year. We’ll see less than eight hours of daylight here in Calgary today, and it will be dark both when I leave for work and when I head home at the end of the day....

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Pumpkin Pie Face Mask

I love pumpkin pie. I know lots of people mostly love it as a carrier for whipped cream, but me? I’m all about that filling. That creamy, custardy, spicy orange filling. Bring it on. I would spread it on toast if given the opportunity (though a spoon is better). So,...

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Chia Seed Face Mask

Chia seeds are pretty cool little things. They start out as unassuming little speckled bits, roughly the same size as a course grain of sand. When soaked in liquid, they become gooey and gelatinous, making them fun additions to drinks and a great vegan egg substitute....

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Dead Sea, Seaweed, & Silk Face Mask

This exfoliating, pore cleaning face mask is full of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins to leave your face feeling fresh and awesome. I blended mineral rich Dead Sea mud, enzyme loaded raw honey, and some water for the base of my mask. Into that, I whisked healing silk,...

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Deep Cleansing Midnight Face Mask

Summer is just about the only time of year I regularly put something on my face that I didn’t make—sunscreen. And as much as I can go for the good, effective, non-icky stuff… my skin does not love it. The combination of sunscreen, sun, sweat, and general...

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Gentle Rose & Clay Face Mask

A few weeks ago one of my yoga classmates gifted me a bag of rose powder. She’d heard about my DIY tendencies (addiction) and thought I could put it to good use. Exciting! This gentle face mask is the first of what will likely be many projects involving it. The...

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Silken Muddy Honey Mask

The inspiration for this mask came from a recipe request from Alexandra, who wanted a homemade alternative for an $80 mask/cleanser from a luxury brand. I took a look at the original and decided to wander off in my own direction, and I’m really happy with where...

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Seaside Face Scrub & Mask

As the weather gets warmer, I often think of summers spent on the west coast of British Columbia with my family as a kid. We’d poke about in tide pools, kayak around sandstone points, and explore island forests. With a blend of seaweed and sea salt, this face...

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Minty Face & Body Mask

In all my years of doing clay face masks, I really haven’t had much success getting men to give them a go. My dad rolls his eyes and laughs if he ever sees me in one, cousins have declined my goopy offers as politely as possible, and my brother wouldn’t...

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Soothing Oat & Honey Face Mask

If your skin is on the sensitive side, I think you’ll love this simple soothing oat and honey face mask. Made with just a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, it comes together in a flash and leaves your skin feeling tight, clean, and refreshed. You’ll...

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Clay & Soap Bar

This is my third clay bar, and I’m pretty excited about it. Like previous bars it’s mostly clay, but this one is held together with diluted liquid soap instead of water, giving us a bar that’s a hybrid between a bar of soap and a clay bar. It’s...

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