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Wondering how to make lip balm? I've got over 30 recipes to get you started, from plain to tinted to vegan, and everything inbetween!

Making Substitutions

Don’t have the oil or butter called for in the recipe? Here’s a guide on how to choose a good alternative from what you do have.

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What's with the waxes?

Beeswax, carnauba wax, candelila wax, bayberry wax—how are they different? Can you use one instead of another?

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Help, I made a mess!

My best tips for cleaning up your DIY messes 🙂

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Tinted Coal Lip Balm

I thought I’d mix things up a bit with this seasonal lip balm and bring my Lumps of Coal holiday theme to the realm of lip balms. And I love it. It definitely seemed a bit odd when I jotted down the idea a few weeks ago, with aims of avoiding creating something...

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Vegan Citrus Lip Butter

Ever since I made my Chocolate Lip Butter I’ve been completely smitten with it, so naturally I want more of it in all kinds of different variations. I’ve been wishing for a citrussy lip treat for ages, but since citrus essential oils are photosensitizing,...

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Chocolate Lip Butter

Out of all the things I’ve made that I have to frequently remind myself not to eat, this Chocolate Lip Butter is pretty high up that list. It smells downright delicious, and leaves my lips oh-so wonderfully soft and hydrated. And did I mention that it smells...

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Blushing Rosehip Lip Balm

A few years ago I acquired a bag of bright pink rosehip botanical extract in my quest for something that would make an awesome lip stain (and I’ve heard from many readers who did the same, for lip stain or other projects). Rosehip powder was a resounding failure...

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Sticky Coconut Lip Balm

‘Tis the season for horrible lizard lips, and this lip balm is my lizard lip savior. This super simple, wonderfully effective Sticky Coconut Lip Balm came about thanks to Susan, who commented on my Quick Guide to Coconut Oil & Beeswax Ratios back in 2014 to...

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Maple Syrup Lip Balm

As a Canadian it is my patriotic duty to try to incorporate maple syrup into as many things as I can manage. Today’s thing is lip balm, and it is lovely. This taffy coloured maple syrup lip balm is creamy, hydrating, and lightly maple scented. Please don’t...

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Scottish Rose Salve

In honour of Robbie Burn’s day, I’m sharing this recipe for a Scottish Rose Salve today (“O my Luve is like a red, red rose”). It was inspired by a recipe request from Jade, who wrote “I love this [rosebud] lip salve. I’ve been...

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Candy Cane Lip Balm

This idea came to me from Sarah over on the East Coast of Canada, who told me about making candy cane lip balm for Christmas last year. The idea stuck, and here we are! What could be better for Christmas gift giving? We’ll kick the scent department off with the base...

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Princess Lip Balm

This sparkly princess lip balm is a continuation on a theme that started with my princess soap. It’s great for the little ladies (and the big ones), and smells pretty awesome (roses, lavender, and vanilla). Mmm. The base of this princess lip balm is a blend of glossy...

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Red Velvet Lip Balm

Red Velvet cake is one of those things people can get quite particular about, and with its striking red colour and bright white frosting, it’s hard to blame them. This red velvet lip balm is inspired by this decadent dessert. This indulgent, glossy lip balm uses a...

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Lavender Cardamom Lip Balm

Bobbie wrote in with a request for this lovely sounding lavender cardamom lip balm—I must admit it was the mention of cardamom that pulled me in. I adore the bright, sweet note the cardamom adds to any scent blend, and I’m always looking for new places to use...

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Mimosa Coconut Lip Balm

This summery smelling mimosa coconut lip balm makes use of tropical mimosa floral wax to get a soft floral scent that’s rather lovely and exotic. Like all lip balms, this one is a blend of different oils and butters, thickened with wax. I’m using my...

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