Natural Hair Care Recipes

Ditch harsh, chemical laden, fragrance soaked hair products and go all natural! I did it in 2011, and my hair has never been happier.

Orange Blast Solid Conditioner Bar

This sunny Orange Blast Solid Conditioner Bar has a new position of prominence and glory in my shower. It smells like the juiciest of oranges, leaves my hair feeling downright divine (I’d invite you to run your fingers through it via the internet if I could),...

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Marula Overnight Hair Mask

With drier days on the way, and a few months of sun exposure behind us, this rich and hydrating Marula Overnight Hair Mask couldn’t be more timely. I learned about overnight hair masks from a YouTube video of “beauty hacks that work” (or something to...

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Mermaid Silk Shampoo Bars

Prepare to feel like you’re sudsing up in a lagoon in Neverland with the mermaids; these seriously beautiful Mermaid Silk Shampoo Bars are just the sort of thing I imagine mermaids would use (do mermaids wash their hair? A question for another day, perhaps.)....

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Coconut Aloe Shampoo Bars

These pretty, citrussy Coconut Aloe Shampoo Bars are utterly lovely—between the fresh, summery colours and the bright, citrussy scent I’m quite smitten. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that it’d been ages since I’d made a straight-up shampoo bar. I...

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Two-in-One Creamy Hair Conditioner

Ever since I started publishing creamy hair conditioner recipes a few months ago, readers have been asking about the possibility of including some vinegar in the water part of the emulsion to create a two-in-one conditioner that eliminates the need for a separate...

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Natural Dry Shampoo Spray

I’ve been watching lots of hair tutorials on YouTube lately, and I can’t help but notice how many of them use dry shampoo to achieve a bit of added texture and volume for updos. So, a few weeks ago when I was wandering the aisles of Costco a pack of...

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Restorative Hydrating Hair Conditioner

Perhaps you are thinking “but Marie, didn’t you just publish a hair conditioner recipe?”. And you wouldn’t be wrong—it’s barely been a month. But I am smitten. I love my Olive & Jojoba Silk Hair Conditioner. I’ve been asking...

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Olive and Jojoba Silk Conditioner

This recipe for Olive and Jojoba Silk Conditioner was inspired by a request from Nick, who says “Came across your website and it’s great. Despite being the manliest of men I do like the finer things in life and the rubbish mass produced stuff from the high...

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1915 Redwood Beard Balm

This softly fragrant, intoxicating 1915 Redwood Beard Balm was inspired by a series of photos of lumberjacks in California’s Redwood forests at the turn of the last century. Tiny men dwarfed by awe inspiring trees, working in teams with long, jagged saws to fell...

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Spiced Bergamot Beard Oil

This lovely Spiced Bergamot Beard Oil smells warm and sweet, with a hint of pith and a woody, spicy base. Know somebody suffering from itchy winter beard? This oil is just the thing. The base is made from some of my favourite oils. Argan oil is my all time favourite...

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Winter Shimmer Hair Mist

This pretty, shimmery hair mist was inspired by a recipe request from Kim. She requested a hair mist that would “repair damaged and dry hair, add a lovely fragrance, and give the hair a subtle golden shimmer.” She described a shop-bought version...

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Midnight Coffee Beard Oil

As the days get colder and the air gets drier, a few of my bearded male friends have approached me about something for their increasingly scratchy, dry beards. Challenge accepted, gents. This lovely oil was gifted to my friend Tekoa. He’s got a magnificent beard...

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Kombucha Hair Rinse

Have you fallen in love with kombucha yet? The fizzy, sweet-and-sour, probiotic tea drink is available for purchase all over these days. In glass bottles and cute little cans it comes spiked with ginger, berries, and other flavourings, and will really get things...

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My Hair Care Routine

I did a post on my skin care routine back in May, and Maggie asked if I could write about my hair care routine as well—so here we are! Let’s start with what I’m working with. My hair is long, thick, and straight. If you’re into...

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Cleansing Herbal Hair Mud

Back in March Olivia sent in a really cool recipe request—a request for a cleansing hair mud. Huh. Intriguing. Colour me interested (both in the mud and in cleaning my shower, apparently). The original she linked to was basically just a runny herb-infused clay mask...

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Powdered Acidic Hair Rinse

When I went to Costa Rica for a week in 2014 I thought I could get away with skipping my apple cider vinegar rinses for a week. Oooooh boy, was I wrong. An acidic rinse works to smooth the shaft of the hair back down after basic shampoo opens everything up. My hair...

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Crazy Hair Pudding

Ana sent in a request for this luscious hair moisturizer. The original was designed for drier hair—curly, afro textured, and wavy types. The ingredient list featured all kinds of lovely ingredients, guaranteed to impart deep moisture to dry hair. Best of all, however,...

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Bamboo & Silk Hair Milk

This light and luxurious hair serum smooths down flyaways, moisturizes dry ends, and imparts a lovely, light sheen. It smells divine, is absorbed quickly, and packs a punch with just a few drops. It’s the sort of thing that would sell for $40 at a salon, but you know...

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Silk Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If you’re using homemade shampoo bars to wash your hair, an acidic rinse isn’t really optional—it’s a must. Because the high pH of true soap raises the scales that make up your hair, you’ll need to smooth them back down with something acidic or you’ll find your hair...

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Silk & Cedar Liquid Shampoo

I am so excited about this wonderful Silk & Cedar liquid shampoo. It’s loaded with all kinds of goodies for your hair, and once you’ve got your liquid soap paste softened, it comes to together in just a few moments. If you prefer liquid shampoo over...

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Citrus Chamomile Liquid Shampoo

This request came to me from Kylee, who uses a similar one by Avalon Organics for her dreads. She says “this shampoo has the ability to clarify, which is what I need, and the aloe and citrus work wonders on cleaning/tightening dreads.” The ingredient list...

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Cedar Smoke Beard Balm

One of my favourite things about traveling is meeting new people. We often end up connecting as Facebook friends, and their international antics liven up my newsfeed. Ryan is one of these people. I met Ryan at the Glasgow airport—he was working in the duty free shop,...

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Hemp & Honey Dread Wax

My friend Ty recently adopted a set of dreadlocks, and they’ve moved in where his hair used to be. He’s rocking the Bob Marley look like a champ, and is tolerating his collection of new nicknames remarkably well. The cost of dread products, on the other...

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Honey, Lemon, and Chamomile Hair Rinse

This pretty yellow hair rinse is great for those of you who detest vinegar in your hair rinses, and it just might help lighten your hair a bit as well. It’s made from three simple ingredients and comes together in a flash—what more could you want? The base of...

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