Winter Solstice Face Cream

I’ve had a lot of requests for a straight-up face cream, but for some reason or another, I haven’t really strayed into that territory too much until now. That’s mostly because I adore oil-based serums; my skin loves their potency, and when a serum is 100% oil based that means you can really load your skin up with all kinds of fatty acids that are amazing for your skin (linoleic acid 😍) without any water diluting them. But… when winter sets in and dehydration begins to be a chronic issue, the appeal of including water becomes much more obvious. So, here we are, with a recipe for a richly hydrating Winter Solstice Facial Cream. I love it, and I think you will, too.

How to Make Winter Solstice Face Cream


10 Recipes to Make with Argan Oil

If you’ve spent much time around these parts, you know that argan oil and I have a long-standing love affair based on a mutual love of my skin looking awesome. Argan oil is the first oil I ever put on my skin (after much reassurance from Meredith, who swore up and down putting oil on my skin wouldn’t trigger the breakout to end all breakouts), and despite my initial hesitation, I fell hard and fast. In fact, you could probably blame argan oil for all of Humblebee & Me, which seems like a lot to put on the shoulders of a humble oil from Morocco, but there you have it!

10 Recipes to Make With Argan Oil


Winter Shimmer Hair Mist

This pretty, shimmery hair mist was inspired by a recipe request from Kim. She requested a hair mist that would “repair damaged and dry hair, add a lovely fragrance, and give the hair a subtle golden shimmer.” She described a shop-bought version she’d tried, saying “it absorbed quickly into hair, had a lovely fragrance, and the shimmer was fantastic.” Colour me intrigued! I love a good hair mist, especially in the winter.




Magical Primrose Argan Serum

This recipe is ridiculously simple. So simple, in fact, that you might think I just threw it together one day as a bit of a random idea. And you would be right. This project wasn’t supposed to be a blog entry—just an experiment. I figured I’d try it out and see, and it ended up working out so well I couldn’t keep it to myself.


I was doing some reading on problem skin about a month ago and I stumbled upon some information about linoleic acid—a fatty acid that’s present in many plant based oils. Apparently acne prone skin has been found to be deficient/low in linoleic acid, and studies have shown that adding more of it to your skin care routine can decrease acne and boost healing (another source, and another). Ok, call me intrigued.


My Favourite Oils for the Face

The first natural beauty habit I adopted was putting oil on my face. Back in 2010 Meredith talked me into it with her glowing recommendation of argan oil and the gift of a small bottle of the awesome stuff. I questioned her about all the things we think we know about putting oil on our faces—didn’t her face turn into an oil slick? Didn’t she suffer from horrendous acne? She excitedly told me that none of these things had happened, and that her skin was wonderfully happy, and so I tried it. And I loved it. And I’ve been putting oil on my face ever since. Here are some of my favourites.



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