Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs

These pretty blue nuggets of fizzy, pine-scented goodness are the perfect accompaniment to a hot bath on a cold winter day. They’ll tumble in the bath water, fizzing away and releasing a fresh, wintery scent blend of pine, fir, and vanilla along with skin-softening ingredients like Epsom salts and baking soda. These Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs are also the last Winter Wonderland recipe of the season as we come close to wrapping up my Holiday gift idea recipes!

How to Make Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs


Sunshine Vegan Deodorant

This lovely sunshine vegan deodorant is creamy, smells like sunshine, and kicks stink’s butt like nobody’s business. It’s pretty cool. It’s also easy to make, delightfully inexpensive, and all natural. BAM.

How to Make Sunshine Vegan Deodorant


Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh Bath Bombs

I think these sparkly bath bombs make a pretty cool holiday gift. Scented with ancient frankincense and myrrh essential oils, and sparkled up with some eye catching gold mica, these bath bombs would be right at home in a manger (though moreso in a bath).




Peppermint Tooth Powder

I’ve had quite a few requests for a tooth powder recipe (Megan, Stefanie, Christina, Cristina, and Kristen—thanks!). Some referenced a particular store bought product, while others just wanted my take on natural tooth care. This Peppermint Tooth Powder is what I came up with.


I actually devised this before heading to Costa Rica for a month earlier this year. I was trying to fly carry-on only, and one of the best ways to do that is to drop all liquids from your bag. This inspired both my powdered acidic hair rinse and this tooth powder.


Rose & Neroli Vegan Deodorant

This smooth, brightly floral scented deodorant is just lovely. It melts into the skin quickly and beautifully, leaving you ready to tackle your days stink-free. Because it doesn’t contain any wax it melts to a thin liquid when massaged into the skin, meaning it absorbs almost instantly and won’t gum up your clothes.

How to Make Rose and Neroli Vegan Deodorant

How to Make Rose and Neroli Vegan Deodorant


Christmas Spice Bath Bombs

These holiday scented bath bombs are just perfect for a hot bath on a cold, dark night. They also make perfect stocking stuffers as they come together in a jiffy and still look super impressive to the uninitiated 😉

14-11-03-pic06 14-11-03-pic07


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