Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss

This soft, sparkly Winter Wonderland lip gloss has a lovely champagne hue in the tube, but goes on sheer with a hit of shimmer and a hint of sparkle. It’s also a bit thicker than some of my previous lip glosses, as per some reader requests, meaning it sticks around longer, helping keep your lips protected and hydrated (and also just a wee bit looking like you kissed a unicorn). It smells like soft, minty awesomeness—in short, it’s winter perfection.

How to Make Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss


Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss

It’s still two days until it’s “technically” autumn, but Calgary clearly missed that memo—our trees have been turning since late August. Along with coarsely knit knee socks, my scarf collection, and this awesome jacket that I bought on sale in May and haven’t had a chance to wear yet, I figure I might as well break out ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE. I’m no fan of the PSL, but pumpkin pie and I have had a long-standing love affair (and for me it’s really all about the pie, not the whipping cream), and of course that means I’ve turned it into all kinds of pumpkiny things already. Soap, lotion, face masks, and now—Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss. I wanted something with a warm pinkish hue and a hint of shimmer for these cooler days, and here we have it. Aww yeah.

How to Make Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss


10 Recipes to Make with Beeswax

As far as DIY staples go, I think beeswax might be the eggs of our DIY kitchen. It does so much (thickening, hardening, increasing staying power), is hard to replace, and ends up in so many recipes (though it is a pretty poor breakfast food). Beeswax was one of the first ingredients I ever purchased, and I’d never bee (groan) without it. So, since I have oodles and oodles of recipes that use beeswax, I wanted to take the time to feature some of my favourites—from a wide range of projects. From wood polish to perfume, beeswax is awesome. Let’s get making!

10 Recipes to make with Beeswax


Chocolate Lip Butter

Out of all the things I’ve made that I have to frequently remind myself not to eat, this Chocolate Lip Butter is pretty high up that list. It smells downright delicious, and leaves my lips oh-so wonderfully soft and hydrated. And did I mention that it smells exactly like high end chocolate and is pretty much irresistible? This stuff is great.

How to make Chocolate Lip Butter


Blushing Rosehip Lip Balm

A few years ago I acquired a bag of bright pink rosehip botanical extract in my quest for something that would make an awesome lip stain (and I’ve heard from many readers who did the same, for lip stain or other projects). Rosehip powder was a resounding failure in the lip stain department, producing something that stained my lips approximately as well as a cup of herbal tea (so… not at all) before oxidizing to a gnarly brown colour in a matter of days. Ick. I still have that bag of bright pink powder, though, so I thought it was high time to try and put it to use in this blushing rosehip lip balm.

How to make Blushing Rosehip Lip Balm


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