If you’ve spent much time around these parts, you know that argan oil and I have a long-standing love affair based on a mutual love of my skin looking awesome. Argan oil is the first oil I ever put on my skin (after much reassurance from Meredith, who swore up and down putting oil on my skin wouldn’t trigger the breakout to end all breakouts), and despite my initial hesitation, I fell hard and fast. In fact, you could probably blame argan oil for all of Humblebee & Me, which seems like a lot to put on the shoulders of a humble oil from Morocco, but there you have it!

10 Recipes to Make With Argan Oil

My favourite way to use argan oil is still on my face in fairly high concentrations, but I’ve also branched out to try it in lip balms, lotions, and balms. Here’s a collection of my favourite argan oil recipes—prepare to join the love affair!


My Favourite Argan Oil Serum

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Put argan oil on your face (just a few drops will do), and prepare to fall in love. Essential oils optional.



Magical Primrose Argan Serum

This one is slightly more complicated, but well worth the effort if your skin is troublesome. Evening Primrose Oil is basically magic for acne/eczema/psoriasis prone skin, bit since it’s a bit heavy I like to cut it with lighter argan for an all-around awesome serum that is my go-to staple.

Spiced Bergamot Beard Oil

Pamper the beard owner in your life with this easy-to-make beard oil. With beard oils selling for a small fortune you’re sure to impress your bearded mates with this delightfully simple DIY gift.


Winter Shimmer Hair Mist

Argan oil is brilliant for hair, but just a few drops can tip you from “delightfully glossy” to “appallingly greasy”, so it’s best to disperse it in a watery base so you can get good coverage without the immediate need for a shower. That’s where hair mists come in! This one is almost entirely water, but a wee bit of argan oil is emulsified in so you can get all of the goodness and none of the greasies—plus a delightful essential oil blend and a hint of silver shimmer!


Gentle Argan Silk Milk

If you find straight oil to be a bit heavy for your complexion, you’ll love this lighter facial serum. Argan oil is diluted with aloe vera juice and spiked with some silk for a lightweight moisturizer that packs a luxurious punch.


Blushing Argan Lip Balm

If you like lightly floral lip balms, this one will be right up your alley. It smells lovely, is the prettiest hue of soft pink, and helps soften and protect your lips. Prepare to fall in argan love!


Rose Argan Body Conditioner

This lovely rose and argan body conditioner/lotion is based around a LUSH favourite (I lost count of all the requests for this recipe!) and it’s lovely. It smells wonderfully floral with a hint of citrus and vanilla. Yum.

Sleek & Shiny Hair Mist

This easy to make hair mist leaves your hair both looking and smelling fantastic. It’s brilliant for drier days, helping tame static and flyaways, which I always appreciate. A hint of silk helps add sheen and bounce to your hair, plus… it sounds delightfully fancy-pants.


Winterlight Argan Serum

Downton Abbey inspired this simple, brightening serum. A touch of titanium dioxide helps brighten and whiten the complexion a bit, which I love in the depths of winter—if I’m going to be fair, I might as well embrace it and go full Lady Mary!

Argan Oil Bronzer

If you don’t want to hop aboard to full-paleness-ahead train, this simple argan oil bronzer will bring some extra warmth to your complexion.