When you first dive into buying ingredients for this hobby, mango butter (USA / Canada) isn’t usually on the starter DIY shortlist, but I would like to make a case for adding it. Most people purchase unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada) first, and the two are somewhat similar. They’re both soft, creamy butters with similar melting points (~37°C/99°F), and out of the two shea is much more common, and typically cheaper ($9/kg for shea vs. $20/kg for mango). While shea butter is amazing for many things (soap and eczema pop to mind immediately), it has a couple characteristics that people aren’t always crazy about. The first is the smell, which can easily be solved by purchasing the refined version. The second is the absorption speed. It is sloooooow. Shea is quite heavy and even a wee bit tacky, and while those certainly aren’t bad qualities, they aren’t always desirable. That’s where mango butter comes in.

10 recipes to make with mango butter

Mango butter absorbs into the skin shockingly fast. Like, “is this really a solid butter?” sort of fast. If you aren’t a fan of leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere after using a body butter or balm, mango butter is where it’s at. It absorbs so quickly that it’ll lighten up anything you use it in. If you’re used to slow-to-absorb balms and body butters (and perhaps avoid them for exactly that reason), mango butter is going to be a revelation for you. The only thing that may disappoint you about mango butter is that it does not smell like mangoes. It doesn’t smell like anything, really, which is sort of a bummer, but it does make mango butter very easy to work with, and I can’t complain about that.

Beyond the speedy, fast-absorbing goodness of mango butter, it’s also rich in vitamins A and C. It’s mostly made up of oleic acid (the fatty acid that makes up most of olive oil) and stearic acid (a solid fatty acid that’s also found in cocoa butter and palm oil). It’s got antioxidants to help combat free radicals, and can helps soothe, protect, and moisturize your skin. All in all, it’s a fantastic ingredient to have in your skin care cupboard—let’s dive into some recipes!

Whipped Pumpkin Spice Body Butter

I’m not sure how many people have fallen in love with mango butter thanks to this recipe, but I’ve heard from quite a few of them. Vanessa commented “I loooooooved this butter. OMG it is amazing. I loved how ‘dry’ and satiny it felt.” If your previous experiences with whipped body butters have been heavy and greasy, you have to make this stuff. It smells like pie, sinks into your skin in a flash, and is flat out divine. Seriously.


Coco Mango Body Balm

Everybody who tries this balm raves about how amazing it smells and how quickly it sinks into the skin. Thanks to mango butter’s super speedy absorption speed and orange wax’s water-like consistency, this balm absorbs into the skin crazy fast with a beautiful dry finish. I carry this balm around in my overnight bag, where I use it on my hands and lips, and even on my face if it turns out I forgot to pack my face cream. It smells like a creamsicle, applies like a dream, and is pretty darn addictive. Highly recommended.


Herb Infused Belly Bar

‘Tis the season for baby announcements (or so it seems in my life, at least), making this simple herb infused bar a brilliant thing to add to your DIY to-do list. Thanks to the mango butter it isn’t heavy or greasy, it just leaves skin soft and supple. It’s sure to be a hit with your mom-to-be friends (or just anybody with dry, irritated skin—this bar is really just a body butter bar, you definitely don’t need to be pregnant to enjoy it!).

How to Make Winter Solstice Face Cream

Winter Solstice Face Cream

My Winter Solstice Face Cream is my first foray into the world of facial lotions, and swoon. My skin loves it, and so do my readers! Penny commented “All I can say is wow wee! My skin has been lovely lately with this new serum I concocted last month, but I’ve never before felt it so plump. I think this recipe is a keeper!”, and Judy says “Made this cream today. I didn’t use any Essential Oils and added just a tad bit of IPM. I have not used squalane before. What have I been missing? This recipe is what I have been looking for! Just awesome! Thanks for your wonderful creations.” If you’re thinking about making some modifications, be sure to check out the comments section—it seems to take to swaps and mods very well, and several readers have been kind enough to share their creations!


Fir, Cypress, and Silk Body Lotion

This beautiful, lightweight lotion is a winter hit with my skin. I love the lightly spicy scent blend, the light touch of the lotion, and the silky smooth skin it leaves behind. Highly recommended.


Sea Buckthorn Mattifying Moisturizer

This recipe was a definite hit when I published it last year. Pam says “I made this today and only have one thing to say…..woo-hoo! Finally a diy moisturizer that doesn’t feel so greasy. I love this stuff!”. Penny says “This was one of the things I made last week and I loved everything I made, but I think my face is happiest with this one.”, and Cristie chimed in with “I’ve put an APB out for my pores. For the last three days, I’ve been using this moisturizer on my face. Coincidentally, I seemed to have lost my pores. I’m especially searching..in vain sadly..for my largest, most beautiful pores. If found, you can just keep ’em. My compliments.” This super neat, crazy easy to make moisturizer quickly dries to a light, powdery touch that leaves skin looking stunning. I think you’ll love it.

How to Make Sunshine Vegan Deodorant

Sunshine Vegan Deodorant

Battle pit stink with this vegan deodorant that is thickened with a blend of cocoa butter and mango butter so no wax is required. A touch of neem oil helps boost the anti-microbial properties of this sunny, baking soda powered pit paste.

How to make Orange Abyssinian Overnight Balm

Orange Abyssinian Overnight Balm

A few lightweight ingredients come together to create this silky smooth balm. Both orange wax and mango butter sink into the skin crazy fast, so if you’re a fan of solid facial moisturizers but aren’t crazy about longer absorption times, this is definitely the balm for you. It also smells utterly amazeballs. Juicy, orangey goodness for the win!

How to make Meadowfoam Mango Creamy Facial Cleanser

Meadowfoam Mango Creamy Facial Cleanser

This was one of my first forays into a surfactant-powered cleanser that included water, and I love it. It’s rich and creamy to the touch, but once you start handling it you’ll love how light and smooth it is.

How to Make Vegan Citrus Lip Butter

Vegan Citrus Lip Butter

This beautiful, citrussy lip butter is fantastic for sticky lip balm lovers and owners of ultra-dry lips. The tacky texture locks in moisture like you wouldn’t believe, and I love that I can have a citrus lip butter without worrying about inflicting some pretty serious burns on myself.