A couple months ago I ordered a 500g tub of green French clay from NDA. It turns out that 500g of a light, fluffy dust is a lot of green. So I’ve been experimenting a lot, and I think I’ve almost used half of it. Turns out it’s a wonderfully diverse thing to have on hand.

1. Facial Masks

You can mix a spoonful or two of the clay with some water, floral water, aloe vera juice, or green tea, and some essential oils to make a paste. You can add a bit of a liquid carrier oil to the mix if you want. Spread it on your face and let it dry for 10ish minutes. Wash your face, and then moisturize with some argan oil (USA / Canada). The clay will suck a lot of crap out of your pores (for real), which is always a good thing.

2. Lurking Zit Zapper

You know those awful under-the-skin lurker zits that get crazy angry if you just look at them the wrong way? And stay that way for weeks? Yeah. They suck. But green clay to the rescue! Make a paste using green clay and all the most healing type things you have in your cupboard, like aloe vera juice, jojoba oil (USA / Canada), tea tree essential oil, patchouli oil, lavender oil, honey, bee propolis, and pollen. Apply to the problem area, let it dry, wash it off, and repeat. When you go to sleep, put on some polysporin. Resist the urge to touch or squeeze. It should be mostly gone in 36ish hours.

3. Shaving Soap

Add about 2 tbsp of clay per pound of oils when making soap. The clay will add extra ‘slip’ to the lather of the bar, making it great for shaving. And, the green will add some nice natural colour to the batch.

4. Insta-Heal

A clay mask on an old owie that refuses to heal will really help speed things along. Add some polysporin at the end, and you’ll probably notice a huge improvement by morning.

5. Full Body Wrap

Save some money and have a DIY spa day.

A paste made from green clay, water, and any essential oils you like an be applied to your entire body (probably best done in an empty bathtub that’s already due for a cleaning). Let dry a bit, and then buff off. Voila, excellent exfoliation!

6. Cuts & Bruises

A clay pack (water and clay to make a thick paste) increases circulation and draws crap out of your skin, so it’s great for cleaning wounds and speeding healing by increasing blood flow to the area. Just don’t let it dry on an open wound.

7. Sore Muscles & Sprains

The increased blood flow a clay pack will bring to sore muscles and sprains can speed healing.