Argan Oil Bronzer

The first argan oil I ever tried was Josie Maran‘s—a friend had got some, and as a gift she gave me the bottle with the last few remaining drops to try out. As I’m sure you can surmise, it was instant love. Anyhow, since then, Josie has really beefed up her line of, err, argan inspired products that bear her name. Some are a bit of a stretch (her magic markers don’t even contain any argan oil), but some are pretty cool, containing mostly natural ingredients.



Homemade Sun Beam Bronzer Cream

By this time of year, any semblance of a tan from the past summer is long gone. I guess that’s ok—it makes my Lady Mary costume that much more accurate, and is definitely better for my skin than a year-round tan. At this rate, I’ll look like an adolescent Edwardian lady until my 40’s. Anyhow, for those days when I’m daydreaming about summer/have been asked if I’m sick a few times recently, this dupe of Benefit’s Sun Beam works wonders.

14-01-27-pic01 14-01-27-pic02


Bronze Shimmer Stick

There are many wonderful things about having Scottish ancestry. You have a beautiful homeland to visit. You can claim many fantastic people, like J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan), Ewan McGreggor, Robbie Burns, and Alexander Graham Bell as your fellow countrymen. Highland dancing is pretty awesome, and you’ve always got a great excuse to wear plaid and listen to bagpipe music. Tanning, however, is not one of those wonderful things.

13-07-29-pic05 13-07-29-pic06 (more…)

How to Make Homemade Bronzer

This homemade bronzer has a lot in common with my homemade blush. It’s easy, effective, and uses most of the same ingredients. Swap the red iron oxide for a mix of red, yellow, and brown iron oxides, and some bronze mica, and voila, bronzer.

The process is pretty much identical. Mix everything together (minus the colourings), and the press the mixture through a fine sieve, again and again, adjusting the colouring as you go. Be sure to test it on your skin as you go.


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