Vegetable Glycerin

What is it? Vegetable glycerin is a thick, clear, sticky liquid derived from plants like palm and coconut
Appearance Clear liquid that  looks like water, but is much more viscous.
Texture A thick, sticky liquid.
Scent A bit sweet (it tastes sweet as well).
Absorbency Speed Slow
pH  7
Solubility Water
Why do we use it in recipes? As a humectant to help draw moisture to the skin, and to add some gloss (and a slightly sweet taste) to products like lip gloss.
Do you need it? Yeah! I use it in loads of recipes.
Strengths A great humectant to add an extra boost to lotions and other emulsifier or water-based products.
Weaknesses Too much will make products sticky.
Alternatives & Substitutions You’ll want to replace it with another humectant. Sodium lactate and propanediol 1,3 are good choices.
How to Work with It I usually use it at 2–3% in lotions.
Storage & Shelf Life Stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, vegetable glycerin has an indefinite shelf life.
Tips, Tricks, and Quirks You can use glycerin to make cool extracts! Most glycerin is vegetable sourced, but if you’re vegan you should confirm the source.
Recommended starter amount 100mL (3.3fl oz)
Where to Buy it  Buy it from an online DIY ingredient supplier or Amazon.

Some Recipes that Use Vegetable Glycerin

Rose Ceramide Facial Gel

Today we’re making a simple, fragrant facial gel starring ceramides. This gel not only moisturizes and hydrates the skin immediately, but it also helps strengthen your moisture barrier. This leads to stronger, more resilient skin and less transepidermal water loss (TEWL) over time—fantastic! It’s wonderful for all types of skin—dry, irritation-prone, aging, acneic, and even just generally well-behaved skin that could use a bit of pampering and plumping up.

How to Make Rose Ceramide Facial Gel


Rosé Leave-In Hair Conditioner

I can hardly believe it, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared a formula for a leave-in hair conditioner before. I’ve had plenty of requests, but somehow such a thing has slipped through the cracks—until now! This lightweight Rosé Leave In Hair Conditioner helps hydrate, smooth, and re-vitalize hair between washes, and it smells delightful to boot!

How to Make Rosé Leave-In Hair Conditioner


Gel Micellar Water

The inspiration for this Gel Micellar Water came from two places. The first was a gelled micellar water sample I got when I made a purchase. The second was a leaking bottle of non-gelled micellar water in my travel bag. Given I’ve already got a micellar water formulation I love, I knew it wouldn’t be hard to gel it and create something that’s rather fun (this is based on the assumption that gels are fun, which I’m fully on board with) and significantly less spill/leak prone.

How to Make Gel Micellar Water


Mango Mango Cleansing Conditioner

After sharing my Mango Mango Shampoo Bar formula there were questions about a Mango Mango Conditioner, and I’m excited to share this cheery orange and oh-so-fragrance Mango Mango Cleansing Conditioner formula with you today! You can use this as both a cleansing conditioner or a normal conditioner—I find it works well as a sole cleanser most of the time, but if I’ve been using more hairspray or gel than usual it can be nice to start with a shampoo bar sudsing up and then follow that with a palmful of this conditioner from the ears down. However you decide to use it I think you (and your hair) will really enjoy the smooth, creamy consistency and gentle conditioning of this happy orange conditioner 😊

How to Make Mango Mango Cleansing Conditioner


Even Better Makeup Brush Cleanser

Over the last year or so I’ve been working on all kinds of different waterproof makeup formulas—a gel eyeliner, in particular, is a big goal of mine, as is a long-wearing liquid lipstick. While the formulas still need work before they will stay on my face for ages, I very quickly reached a point where they would stay in my makeup brushes quite stubbornly and realized I would need a new, stronger makeup brush cleanser than the one I made last year. Here’s what I came up with—it kicks butt!

How to Make Even Better Makeup Brush Cleanser


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