Fireworks Lip Gloss

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever outgrow glitter. I don’t particularly want to, but I also didn’t want to realize the special effects in some of my favourite childhood movies are painfully bad. Sometimes these things just happen. One of my strongest glitter memories is from musical theatre in the tenth grade. I was fifteen, and my ensemble character, in true musical theatre fashion, wore a leotard and a truly staggering amount of glitter all over my skin and throughout my hair. Our performance was in early December, and I remember I was still finding glitter on myself on Christmas Day. I may have used too much. Anyhow, difficulties removing it aside, I still love the stuff. So, when I paid a visit to Windy Point a couple weeks ago to find Michele and Kate positively sparkling from packing up some brand new Iridescent Super Sparkle Glitter, and Michele was kind enough to send me home with some, well… my imagination went wild. This Fireworks Lip Gloss is the first thing I’ve made with it, but it certainly won’t be the last!

How to Make Fireworks Lip Gloss


Rose Gold Lip Gloss

Ok, so I may be a touch late to the party on this one, but isn’t rose gold the prettiest?! In the past I’ve shied away from pink. Not for me, I thought—too… pink 😜 This stance has softened over the last few years and I now find that rose gold has nestled into a little pinky spot in my heart and I’m suddenly quite fond of it without even knowing how it happened. For the uninitiated, rose gold is a lovely soft pinkish hue, with a touch of subtle gold that catches the light every now and then. It’s utterly lovely, so it’s not hard to see how I decided I simply had to have a lip gloss in this lovely colour!

How to Make Rose Gold Lip Gloss


Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss

This soft, sparkly Winter Wonderland lip gloss has a lovely champagne hue in the tube, but goes on sheer with a hit of shimmer and a hint of sparkle. It’s also a bit thicker than some of my previous lip glosses, as per some reader requests, meaning it sticks around longer, helping keep your lips protected and hydrated (and also just a wee bit looking like you kissed a unicorn). It smells like soft, minty awesomeness—in short, it’s winter perfection.

How to Make Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss


Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss

It’s still two days until it’s “technically” autumn, but Calgary clearly missed that memo—our trees have been turning since late August. Along with coarsely knit knee socks, my scarf collection, and this awesome jacket that I bought on sale in May and haven’t had a chance to wear yet, I figure I might as well break out ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE. I’m no fan of the PSL, but pumpkin pie and I have had a long-standing love affair (and for me it’s really all about the pie, not the whipping cream), and of course that means I’ve turned it into all kinds of pumpkiny things already. Soap, lotion, face masks, and now—Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss. I wanted something with a warm pinkish hue and a hint of shimmer for these cooler days, and here we have it. Aww yeah.

How to Make Pumpkin Shimmer Lip Gloss


Beetroot Lip Gloss

Beetroot lip stain seemed like a really great idea. Foolproof, even. I mean, if it can make your poo red long after it’s been digested, surely it can perform the simple trick of reddening your lips, right? Wrong. It had absolutely no interest in reddening anything as part of a mostly water solution, though it did turn into a wee bit of rather ghetto moonshine after a few weeks. Hrmph. How inconsiderate.

How to Make Beetroot Lip Gloss How to Make Beetroot Lip Gloss


Snow White Lip Gloss

I thought I’d mark Valentine’s Day with this popping pink lip gloss. It gets its bright colour from carmine (just like my lip stain), and though it’s almost shockingly pink in the tube, it goes on with just a slight pinkish tint and a bit of shine. A wee hint of peppermint adds a tingly pop as well.

14-02-14-pic17 14-02-14-pic06


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