How to make natural hair care products

Hair Care Recipes Learn to make your own hair products that are exactly what your hair needs, from cleansing conditioners and shampoo bars to mists and balms! Smooth & Shine Hair Serum With these dry winter days I've been finding I've been reaching for this...

Natural Hair Care: Washing Your Brushes & Combs

One of my favourite articles on natural(ish) hair care dates back to the early 1900s, and is written by Mlle. Aline Vallandri, a woman who is famous for the length and health of her hair. The article is accompanied by a rather shocking (to modern eyes, at least) photograph of her with her hair… which drags at her feet. When you see the photo, you can understand the fame:

13-11-08-pic01 (more…)

Natural Hair Care: 18 Months in

I’m now 18 months into my natural hair care routine, and I’ve learned a few more things since the 11 month mark.

Gratuitous pretty picture of me with hair. La la la.

Gratuitous pretty picture of me with hair. La la la.

The seasons matter
I’ve found that you can’t just force the length of your wash cycles. The seasons really do make a difference. I’d hit a week last winter, but as spring and summer rolled in, that just wasn’t feasible anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m less inclined to look disgusting during my favourite season, but I’m pretty sure it also had something to do with the warmer temperatures and the marginally higher humidity. So, I shortened my wash cycle down to four days for the summer, and I’ve found it’s creeping back up as the temperatures drop.


Natural Haircare: 2 Years In

It’s now been over two years (25 months, technically!) since I’ve ditched store bought hair products, and my hair is happier than ever. I feel like I really “know” my hair now—that without all the artificial crap I know all about its true texture, scent, and overall attitude (ability to hold styles, cooperativeness, desire to tie itself in knots, etc.). I’d say it’s been a definite improvement, and I would never go back. While my hair has more or less settled (I’m not noticing any changes to it anymore beyond seasonal ones), I’m still learning things. Here’s what I’ve figured out since the 18 month mark.

13-07-27-pic04 (more…)

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