A while back I was tasked with creating a portable “Live Out There Lounge” that could be somewhat easily set up at events to create a branded space for us to do fun things, like serve people coffee, chat about how awesome Live Out There is, and lounge about in comfy chairs like the great employees we all are.

Our company colours are predominantly white, orange, and navy, but there’s a full range of reds, greens, purples, pinks, and greys in the corporate palette as well (I should know, I made it!). I immediately wanted a bright orange carpet. But, it turns out that nobody else ever wants a bright orange carpet in their life, because I couldn’t find one anywhere. Silly people and their sensible colour palettes. The carpet also had to be approximately 8×10″, the size of our booth (and hence our lounge) at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Anyhow, a trip to Ikea resulted in my finding stacks of 2″ squares of brightly coloured shag carpet. And I knew I had my solution. I quickly bought a stack of blue and orangish-reddy ones, several massive rolls of jumbo velcro, and a lot of glue, and headed back to the office to start crafting like a maniac.

I began with a diagram so I’d know what was going where. I did some math and figured out how much velcro each joint could have (18″), and set to marking off the centre 18″ of each carpet side.

Next up, splitting the fuzzy (as opposed to the scratchy) side of the velcro in half lengthwise and hot-gluing it to the back of the carpet.

Once that was done… well, that was it. I now had a stack of 2″ square carpet pieces I could tile together with long strips of velcro. All that was left was to anti-slip it by running lines of caulking all up and down the backs of the carpet pieces.

Et voila. On the day of the festival we were able to quickly and easily assemble our pretty carpet and plop the rest of our booth on top of it. Brilliant!

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