I have quite a few earrings. Not many by the standards of say, Carrie Bradshaw or the Queen, but enough that I forget what I have more often than not. I recently sifted though all of my jewellery (which was strewn about my room in a variety of gift boxes, jewellery kits, and plastic bags), and I was shocked by the things I found. I couldn’t even remember acquiring most of it.

This handy little… thing… is great for offsetting the “what’s that and where did it come from?!” issue. All you need is an old wooden photo frame, some lace, and a sturdy staple gun.

Lace & trim!

Take any backing off the frame and then staple lace to the back. That’s it. You can do strips of different ones, a full sheet of one, or a combo. Make sure you staple the lace to the part of the frame that contained the depth of the glass and backing pad rather than the very back of the frame, or you won’t have any room for the backs of your earrings to poke through without stabbing the wall.

Note where the staples are.

Now you just have to hang it on the wall and loop your earrings into the lace. Tada!

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