I love my Air Conditioning in a Bottle, but it’s not hugely travel friendly. In a world of liquid carry on restrictions and fees for checking any bags, I thought it was high time I developed a solid version; Air Conditioning in a Tin.


This glossy balm is thickened with carnauba wax because I wanted something that would go on in a thin layer and absorb quickly. One of beeswax’s best properties is it’s sticky staying power, but that’s not something I want when it’s 40 degrees out.


I’ve blended this base with a healthy dose of menthol crystals for an almost instant dose of topical cooling and peppermint goodness. A few smears of this on high circulation points will help cool anybody down quickly.


As a bonus, this balm also works wonderfully on congestion as the active ingredient (menthol) is the same thing. And as one last plus, menthol repels bugs like mosquitoes. Woo!


So, if you’re heading somewhere warm or simply find summers at home to be a bit on the warm side, this is just the thing for you.


Air Conditioning in a Tin

10g | 0.35oz menthol crystals
8g | 0.28oz carnauba wax
40g | 1.41oz safflower oil

Combine the ingredients in a small saucepan or double boiler and melt together over medium heat.

Pour into a 30mL/1oz tin and let set up for at least three days before using.


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