With summer right around the corner, we’re entering the season of sweat. And, with sweat I find a body acne can follow. Delightful, no? I shan’t horrify you with any details. Anyhow, this spray is designed to combat acne on the body (and the face), and it smells awesome to boot.

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The base of this spray is a blend of herb infused vodka, aloe vera juice, witch hazel, and raw manuka honey. If you made my Indigo Acne Blaster you might even have the herb infused vodka on hand already—if not, it’s super simple to make.

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To that base I’ve added a blend of healing, cleansing ingredients. Bee propolis helps heal, antioxidant rich sea buckthorn seed oil combats acne, and vitamin-rich borage oil helps skin re-generate.


For essential oils I’ve gone with a blend of antibacterial tea tree, healing yarrow, cleansing lavender, and infection-fighting eucalyptus.


Everything comes together to make a fragrant, refreshing, cleansing and healing body spray. It’s wonderfully refreshing on a hot day and makes a great post-shower spritz. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it.


Anti Acne Body Spray

2 tsp dried calendula petals
2 tsp dried white willow bark
60mL (¼ cup) cheap vodka

10 drops bee propolis tincture
5 drops sea buckthorn seed oil
5 drops borage oil

3 drops tea tree essential oil
6 drops yarrow essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops eucalyptus radiata essential oil

15mL (1 tbsp) aloe vera juice
15mL (1 tbsp) witch hazel
¼ tsp raw manuka honey

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

In a 125ml/4oz mason jar combine the dried herbs and cheap vodka. Seal and let infuse overnight or longer.

Measure 10mL (2 tsp) of the herb-steeped vodka into the bottom of a 50mL glass bottle that has a matching spray lid, and add the propolis, sea buckthorn seed oil, borage oil, and essential oils. Swirl to combine and let the mixture sit for at least 20 minutes to allow the oils to dissolve into the alcohol.

While the oils dissolve, whisk the honey into the aloe vera juice and witch hazel.

Once the oils have had a chance to dissolve, pour the honey mixture into the bottle. Cap with the spray lid and shake to combine.

To use, mist over parts of your body that are prone to acne.