I got a ton of positive feedback for my favourite argan serum, which I shared a few weeks ago, so I wanted to share the one I make for my mum and my grandmother. As you may have guessed, my mum (and her mum) have a few years on me, so I’ve made a few changes to make a serum that’s awesome for mature skin.


The base, of course, is argan oil (USA / Canada). Fantastic, wonderful argan oil (USA / Canada). I first got my mom hooked on it back in 2011, directly after I discovered it, and she never lets me forget how much she loves it. She says it’s really helped clear up black heads and smooth our her skin (including fine lines!). I’d say that’s more than enough of a reason to try it. Add to that the relatively low price tag—~$12/100mL, which is downright cheap compared to the expensive silicone-laden “serums” big cosmetics companies will sell you!


The big differentiating ingredient here is carrot seed essential oil. It is “high in carotenes, is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature skin. Its chemical constituents may stimulate cell growth while removing toxins, which would give the skin a more toned, youthful appearance.” So, the perfect ingredient for more mature skin. Just go easy on it—its deep, earthy scent is quite strong and can be overwhelming when you’re applying it so close to the nose. When in doubt, use less—you can always add another drop after a few uses.

Argan Serum for Mature Skin

15mL | 0.52oz argan oil (USA / Canada)
3–5 drops carrot seed essential oil (work up to it, it’s quite a strong smell!)
5 drops South African chamomile essential oil

Optional—essential oils of lavender, juniper, neroli, or helichrysum, as you like

Mix everything together in a dark 15mL (0.5 fl oz) glass bottle with an eyedropper top. Spread a few drops over your skin daily/as needed, and enjoy!