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Useful Christmas Gift Boxes

I love Christmas, but the amount of waste it seems to require is getting to me. Even if you love and can use every single gift you receive, chances are they still come wrapped in something you're probably not going to find very useful once you rip it off and recycle....

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15 Uses for Mason Jars

Mason jars are incredibly handy to have around and are, strangely enough, rather hip these days. You can usually get them at Value Village and other op-shops for about <$1 a piece, or pick up a box of a dozen at the grocery store for around $12. They're...

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Tangled Earbud Solution

I have one of those purses that is like a black hole with a strap. I can fit my 15" laptop and my DSLR in it (along with all the normal purse stuff). It'll weigh about 15lbs, but it'll fit. So earbuds have a tendency to vanish. And when I find them they're usually in...

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15 Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda is crazy cheap and super useful. See? I no longer recommend putting baking soda on your skin; read this for more information. 1. Wash your face Baking soda is just the right texture to be mildly exfoliating, and it's status as a mild base does a great job...

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Harvest Totes: Part 1

Today I want to share a project I finished about a year ago. I got to thinking about how even though most people use cloth bags for their groceries, they still put their fruit and veg into those crappy, flimsy plastic bags the produce department provides. And the bags...

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