A few months ago Zil wrote asking for a long-wearing clay based blush. Something that would give her long-lasting pinkish colour that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, like the Tarte Cosmetics one she referenced that rings in at a whopping $31 for less than 6 grams of blush. Yikes!


The base of this blush is a combination of my cosmetic powder base and Australian pastel pink clay. The cosmetic powder base is basically just a blend of the standard basic powder ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite mica (USA / Canada), and magnesium stearate. All together, the mixture provides opacity and gives a base level of adhesion (aka staying power). Pre-blended, it’s easier to make a reasonable amount of something (which is especially awesome when it comes to blush, which tends to last for ages).


The Australian pastel pink clay adds a nice punch of salmony-pink colour and helps cheeks stay matte all day long by absorbing excess moisture and oil. It’s also gentle on sensitive skin, making it a good all-around choice.


A few oxides help punch up the colour, and a smidgen of shimmer from the warmly toned flash copper mica give the blush a hint of shine. Jojoba oil makes the blush feel smooth and soft on the skin.


Best of all, it comes together in a flash, just like a smoothie. Just measure, blend, and you’re done!


Australian Clay Blush

1 tsp cosmetic powder base
1 tsp Australian pastel pink clay
1 smidgen flash copper mica
5 smidgen red iron oxide
speck yellow iron oxide
5 drops jojoba oil (USA / Canada)

To measure out the pigments and mica you’ll want to have a set of these super useful wee measuring spoons—they’re brilliant for all kinds of cosmetic DIYs.

Blend all ingredients together in your DIY coffee grinder. Decant to a sifter jar and use as you would any powder blush. Enjoy!

Be sure to either wear a dust mask, or leave the grinder shut for at least 5–10 minutes after grinding to avoid inhaling any powder, which is not good for you.


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