I love giving myself facials. They do all sorts of great things for my skin, and I look like a martian with green goo spread all over my face (major bonus points). Over the last few months I’ve come up with a recipe I like, and a routine. Every other Saturday I spend about 10 minutes with green paste on my face and then revel in how smooth and radiant my skin is. And how dirty my sink is. Whoops.

I suppose “recipe” isn’t the right word… it’s moreso a combination of ingredients that I like, and use in varying amounts each time I make a mask. I deal in pinches, drops, scoops, and spoonfuls, and use consistency to figure out when it’s perfect. And it works very well.

The key ingredient is French green clay. A spoonful of that starts things off. Then I’ll add a teensy spoonful of each bee pollen and powdered seaweed, and maybe a generous pinch of honey powder (you could also just use liquid honey). That’s it for the dry stuff. Next up is a few drops of some fancy oils, like jojoba, buriti, black currant, baobab, and tamanu. After that, I’ll add some bee propolis, a small blob of Dead Sea mud, and essential oils of patchouli, lavender, and tea tree. I’ll finish it off with water, added gradually, to make a creamy paste.

I’m not entirely certain what everything does, as this recipe has grown in ingredients as my concoctions pantry has. I know the French green clay is great at pulling things out of your skin and pores. It’s like a green, pasty, pore vacuum. The seaweed and pollen are full of loads of vitamins. The oils help offset the drying nature of the clay, and some of them supposedly help with a variety of ailments, like zits, wrinkles, and rosacea. I’m not sure I really believe they have magical/medicinal properties, but I add them anyways. I’m sure you could get away with just adding a bit of almond or jojoba oil (USA / Canada). Bee propolis is like natural polysporin; it’s the substance bees use to keep their hives sterile. And it’s loaded with vitamins. I happen to have Dead Sea mud, so I add it, but it’s totally optional. And, the essential oils smell nice together and are supposed to have healing/antibacterial benefits.

Awesome Homemade Facial Mask

2 tbsp French green clay
½ tsp powdered seaweed
½ tsp bee pollen
½ tsp dried honey (or 1 tsp normal honey)
½ tsp oils, whichever ones you want, in any combination
6 drops bee propolis tincture
Essential oils of choice, 6-8 drops total
Water, to form a paste

Mix together the dry ingredients. Add the wet ones, except the water, and stir. Add the water, a wee bit at a time, until you have a nice, smooth paste.

Spread the paste onto your face, avoiding your eyes, mouth, and nostrils. Let it dry for about 10 minutes before washing off. Try not to make too many dramatic facial expressions towards the end or the mask will just start to crack and fall off.