This lovely three-ingredient Bandits Mattress and Carpet Freshening Powder refreshes un-launderables quickly and easily, and it uses Bandits Oil to boot, so that’s awesome 🙂


You can whip this up really easily in your DIY specific coffee grinder—it might take one whole minute. Once it’s all blended up, all that’s left is to move it into a shaker bottle of some kind (an old salt shaker works brilliantly).


Baking soda is deodorizing, white kaolin clay (USA / Canada) helps absorb any excess moisture, and bandits oil helps disinfect. It’s a great trio of ingredients.


I tested this out on my mattress for a bit of autumn cleaning. After stripping off the sheets and mattress pad I liberally sprinkled the freshening powder all over my mattress (I used the entire recipe) and then left it for a few hours.



Once I needed my bed back, I vacuumed up the powder, popped on some clean sheets, and hit the hay. Mmmm. If clean sheets are good, this is even better!



Bandits Mattress and Carpet Freshening Powder

4 tbsp baking soda (USA / Canada)
1 tbsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
20 drops bandits essential oil blend

Blend 2 tbsp baking soda (USA / Canada) and 1 tbsp clay together in your DIY specific coffee grinder. Once mixed, blend in the essential oil blend until thoroughly incorporated. Mix in the rest of the baking soda (USA / Canada) and decant into a shaker-top bottle.

To use, shake over a bare mattress (or carpet) and leave it to rest for at least five hours (doing this before work is a great idea, or before you leave for a weekend away). I used the entire amount on my double mattress, though I was being very generous.

When you need your bed/floor back, vacuum the powder off, make your bed, and enjoy your lovely, fresh mattress/carpet!