When I was a girl my Grandmother often gifted me the fancy toiletries she’d acquired on her travels. Fancy miniature soaps from abroad, wrapped in neatly pleated tissue; tiny little bottles of exotically scented shampoos; even adorable little repair kits with neatly wound coils of thread in a dozen different colours. For most of my childhood I was never in want of a doll-sized bar of soap (though I hardly traveled enough to necessitate my stash of portable toiletries).

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This powder is a DIY sort of tribute to one of the more exotic (to 8-year-old me) items she gave me—a perfumed after-bath powder with an Art Deco style illustration of a moon over an ocean printed on the cardboard shaker tube the entire thing came in. I’m certain I hoarded it more than I actually used it, and I’m also quite certain it was mostly talc and artificial fragrances (in hindsight, of course).

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For some reason that fragrant tube of white dust came to mind a few months ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to whipping up a batch of my own. The powdery base is white white kaolin clay (USA / Canada) and silky smooth arrowroot powder.

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Into that soft base I’ve blended some chunks of cocoa butter (USA / Canada), which pulverize nicely into a cocoa-y powder since cocoa butter (USA / Canada) is so brittle (pop yours in the freezer for a bit before blitzing if it tends to be softer where you live). The cocoa butter (USA / Canada) adds a lovely hint of chocolatey scent and a nice touch of moisture.

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I’ve finished off the mix with a hint of silk and some aloe, both in powder form. Silk is a fantastic moisture manager, making it perfect for an after-bath powder. Aloe vera is a long time favourite for moisturizing and soothing the skin.


And last, but not least, a few essential oils to round things out. I’ve selected lavender and a touch of vanilla to compliment the cocoa butter (USA / Canada) and create a soft, luxurious scent.


The final powder is light and silky, and leaves the skin soft and scented temptingly of cocoa and lavender. Give it a try after your next bath—I think you’ll love it.

After Bath Silk Powder

¼ cup white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
¼ cup arrowroot powder
1 tsp silk peptides
1 smidgen aloe vera 200x concentrate powder (optional)

~2 tsp cocoa butter (USA / Canada)

10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops vanilla 10-fold essential oil

Stir the clay, arrowroot powder, silk, and aloe vera together in a bowl.

Transfer a few spoonfuls of the powder mixture into your DIY coffee grinder and add a few nuggets of cocoa butter (USA / Canada). Blitz everything together until you have a fine, uniform powder. Transfer that mixture back into the bowl. Be sure to wear a dust mask or leave the grinder for at least 5–10 minutes after grinding to avoid inhaling the powder, which will really poof out of the grinder if the lid is removed immediately after grinding.

Spoon another few scoops of the powder into your DIY coffee grinder and add your essential oils. Blend until you have a uniform powder, and then mix it back into the rest of the powder.

Use a funnel to transfer the powder to a shaker-top bottle. To use, shake a bit onto your skin and lightly massage it in.