I adore pizza—while it’s great in the winter, I feel like it really shines in the summer when you can enjoy it with fresh produce, out in the sunshine with a nice, cold pint. Unfortunately I don’t have a pizza oven, so the other great thing about summertime is being able to cook pizza right on the BBQ. It’s easier than you think, and gives you a fantastic crust (assuming you don’t torch it, of course).


You start off just the same as you would with oven pizza, though if you usually bake pizza on parchment paper, that’s changing. Instead, coat your cookie sheet (or other flat, unrimmed surface—unrimmed is very important here) with cornmeal—enough that the stretched out pizza dough just slides around on top of it like it’s on a bed of tiny marbles.


Now, top your pizza! I chose marinated artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, an egg, and smoked mozzarella. Yum. While you’re topping your pizza, pre-heat your BBQ to medium heat, ~350°F. I recommend just lighting one side of the BBQ to give you some flexibility.


Once your pizza is all decorated up, it’s time to cook it! You’ll be able to transfer it from the cornmealed cookie sheet to the grill fairly easily with a few good jerks of the cookie sheet—the pizza will just slide right onto the BBQ. Just be sure to get the positioning right the first time, as you won’t be able to move it after it’s down.


Give it two or three minutes on the grill so the dough can set, and then go check and see how quickly it’s cooking—you can torch the bottom of a BBQ pizza pretty quickly. If it looks like it’s cooking too quickly, move it over to the side of the BBQ that is off. You will smell burning initially, but that’s just the cornmeal that’s fallen into the coals.


Once your cheese is golden and the crust is crispy, slide the pizza off the grill and onto a cutting board to serve. Enjoy!

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