I’m pretty happy with this recipe. It’s easy, inexpensive, fast, and the sort of thing you’d pay $50 for at the beauty counter. There’s just six ingredients, and the results are quickly noticeable. In the short term you’ll notice smoother skin, and over time you’ll find your face is firmer and brighter.

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The base of this recipe is cucumber spiked aloe vera juice. The cucumber comes from cucumber botanical extract, a water soluble powder made from the peels of cucumbers. It is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, encouraging cell growth and repair. It’s also a great source of powerful antioxidants. And, after all that, it’s a natural astringent, helping to immediately tighten and revitalize skin.

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Aloe vera, of course, is a skin care favourite. Soothing, gentle, vitamin rich, and a great natural moisturizer, it’s a no-brainer as a base here.

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To that base we add vitamin C, known to brighten the skin and help with collagen production. It’s also acidic, so it functions as a mild chemical exfoliant.

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Our last active ingredient is Multifruit BSC. This thin liquid is derived from a variety of fruits, and is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs. AHAs help with cell renewal, skin firming, and soothing, making it great for anti-aging serums.

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Lastly, a bit of guar gum as a mild emulsifier and thickener to help the two drops of lavender essential oil disperse. I chose lavender for it’s all-around anti-bacterial/anti-viral/soothing properties, but you could easily swap it out for something that meets your needs more specifically, like carrot seed or helichrysum essential oil.

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Brighten & Renew Facial Serum

1 tsp cucumber extract
1 tbsp aloe vera juice

Nip guar gum
1/32 tsp vitamin C
2g | 0.07oz multifruit BSC
2 drops lavender essential oil

Stir together the cucumber extract and aloe vera juice in a small dish and place in a hot water bath to warm through, stirring to encourage the extract to dissolve.

Measure the guar gum, vitamin C, multifruit, and essential oil into the bottom of a dark 15mL glass bottle. Cap and shake to combine.

Top off with the cucumber/aloe mixture, shaking to combine when the bottle is about half full before filling the rest of the way.

To use, smooth two or three drops across the face once a day. Be careful not to over apply or the face can be a bit tacky to the touch.