Zubrowka Apple Pie Cocktails

As somebody who grew up in what could be called “beef and beer” country, I don’t feel like I know a whole lot when the discussion turns to cocktails and designer shots. It also doesn’t help that a fancy cocktail at a fancy bar in Calgary can run you about $20 a pop—in my mind, if I’m paying that much for 2oz of fluid, it better be a fantastic essential oil. Anyhow, all this is to say that whenever I discover a fancy(ish) new drink, it’s usually at the hands of my more alcohol educated friends.




Pimm’s Lemonade

Two months simply isn’t enough time to talk about all the summer related things that I love, so I hope you will forgive a bit of spillage into September. This delicious fruity cocktail is based around Pimm’s, a fantastic spiced gin that is very popular across the pond. This lemonade is pretty much the British equivalent of sangria, and it is just delightful whenever the sun is out (or even if it isn’t).

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Summer Berry Lemonade

One of the very best things about going to the cottage is the luxury to take the my time. I mostly take it in the form of sleeping and reading on the dock, but occasionally I’ll take the time to make something like a big pitcher of from-scratch lemonade. It’s not that lemonade is all that time consuming, it’s just that I usually don’t think to make it. However, there’s something about a bit of free time, warm weather, and lounging on the dock that just begs for lemonade, though, don’t you think?



Creamy Iced Tea

My friend Dominique introduced me to this fantastic way to enjoy tea in the summer last July. We were having a crafting day, and she brought out a beautiful bowl of cherries and this fantastic chilled Earl Grey tea. It’s slightly sweet, creamy, chilled, and delicious. And, best of all, it gives me a delicious way to drink all my favourite black teas when it’s too warm out to want them hot.


It’s simple. All you need is a tea you like with milk—brew a strong pot of it and let it cool to room temperature. Next up—cream. Heavy, if you have it. Maple syrup for a hint of sweetness. And ice.

One of my favourite teas to use for creamy iced teas is a roasted mate chai.

One of my favourite teas to use for creamy iced teas is a roasted mate chai.

Pour about 2 teaspoons of cream (more if you are using 10% instead of 35% cream) into the bottom of a tall glass, and then a wee drizzle of dark maple syrup. Add a few ice cubes, and top up with your tea. Enjoy on a porch or patio, and get some sunshine!

Mmm, cream & maple syrup!

Mmm, cream & maple syrup!

Mosquito Mojitos

What do you do when you’re effectively under house arrest due to massive flooding? Well, if you’re me (and you have a few evacuated house guests as well), you make six batches of soap in three days and then start inventing cocktails. I had enough fresh mint that we immediately thought mojitos, but I wanted to add a twist (I also didn’t have any soda water). From there was born the Mosquito Mojito, named by one of my house guests for all the little flying vampires the flooding gave birth to.

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