Perfectly Pillowy Whipped Shea Butter

I’m pretty excited about this simple yet perfectly pillowy whipped shea butter! This two-ingredient formulation came about as part of my work on last spring’s Why is my body butter not whipping? video. I needed lots of b-roll of different body butters being whipped—successfully and otherwise—to round out that video. I mixed up this formulation expecting it to be my too-soft flop example… but it was perfect 😍. It quickly because my most favourite-est whipped shea butter, earning a coveted spot in my desk drawer for frequent application—to my hands! Me + body butter + hands is a rare combo, so you know this is something special. Decadent, scoopy, creamy, lightweight—divine.

How to Make Perfectly Pillowy Whipped Shea Butter


Rich Herbal Body Cream

Today we’re blending up a rich, botanically blessed body cream that is perfect for cold, dry winter days. I developed this formulation with the help of my readers; t’s creamy, scoopable, skin-soothing, and positively decadent. Enjoy!


Hot Chocolate Body Butter Bars

Body butter bars—also called lotion bars—are a great beginner-friendly DIY. Today I’m going to share a chocolate-y body butter bar formulation that employs two of my top strategies for making expensive-feeling body butter bars that will impress your friends and make fabulous gifts. Let’s dive in!


Christmas Spice Soft Foaming Sugar Scrub

If you’ve been looking for a soft, scoopy, foaming sugar scrub that won’t get too hard or melt into an oily mess… I’ve got good news for you 😄 This Christmas Spice Soft Foaming Sugar Scrub has a really fun, cake-batter-like gooey consistency. It’s perfectly scoopable, lathers beautifully, and smells fantastic. It’s easy and inexpensive to make (you can fill a 250mL jar for about $4), and you can easily customize it. Let’s get scrubby!

How to Make Christmas Spice Soft Foaming Sugar Scrub