Black Currant & Roses Natural Body Wash

This wine-coloured Black Currant & Roses Natural Body Wash has a gorgeous runny honey-like consistency thanks to a gentle self-thickening surfactant blend—no gums or Crothix required! I’m in love with the fresh, juicy scent and plentiful bubbles of this body wash, and it could hardly be easier to make. Let’s get sudsy!

How to Make Black Currant & Roses Natural Body Wash


Frosted Cranberry Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an every year “must make” for me as I have several lovely people (mostly my mom) on my giftee list that adore bath bombs. Once I settled on this year’s themes, I knew the bath bombs would have to be Frosted Cranberry themed because they could actually be made to look like frosted cranberries! Bring on the spherical mould and frosty micas!

How to Make Frosted Cranberry Bath Bombs


Wedding Cake Bath Bombs

These sparkly, fizzy bath treats were inspired by a best friend’s wedding cake ❤️ She asked for bath bombs as part of her wedding gift, and I thought making some that “matched” her wedding cake would be fun 😄 The resulting bath bombs aren’t a perfect match (the cake definitely tastes better!), but they still smell great and transform bath water into a silky, sensuous treat. Enjoy!

How to Make Wedding Cake Bath Bombs


Gentle Oatmeal Almond Body Wash Bar

Today we’re smooshing up a Gentle Oatmeal Almond Body Wash Bar, featuring a generous amount of colloidal oatmeal and a beautiful, gentle surfactant blend. While I did design this with a body wash in mind, you can also use it as a facial cleansing bar and shampoo. It’s really easy to make, and really lovely ❤️

How to Make a Gentle Oatmeal Almond Body Wash Bar

Post updated in July 2023.


French Spa Bath Salts

With everything that’s been going on in the world for the last year, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to a proper spa, but these DIY French Spa Bath Salts make for a fantastic at-home spa experience. They smell just like a proper, luxurious spa and transform your bath water into a silky, fragrant treat. Swoon!

How to Make French Spa Bath Salts


Birthday Suit Solid Body Wash

This formulation is a really fun and interesting one; it’s a solid, self-preserving body wash that I’m calling Birthday Suit Solid Body Wash. You can customize the colour and the scent, and play with different moulds for all kinds of fun! It’s also easy to make—mix, melt, pour, and you’re done. I had a lot of fun developing this formulation and I hope you have fun making it 😄

How to Make Birthday Suit Solid Body Wash