Lavender Oat Foaming Bath Salts

It’s finally getting warm again here in Calgary, and that means I recently went on my first run of the season. That also means I am very, very sore. And that means it’s time for (more) baths! These lovely Lavender Oat Foaming Bath Salts contain tons of sore-muscle-soothing Epsom salts, while also filling your tub with a rich lather. Lavender essential oil brings a relaxing aromatherapy note, and a touch of dye turns your bath water a very pretty purple. It’s just the thing for a post-run soak!


Chocolate Ganache Fizzing Bath Biscuits

We’re doing a bit of calorie-free “baking” today with some downright delicious Chocolate Ganache Fizzing Bath Biscuits! These fun, fizzy bath treats were inspired by a request from Bethany + some LUSH products I’ve been ogling for a while. When I first started work on these I didn’t think I’d end up with some delicious bath cookies, but I love how they’ve turned out! They’re like the lovechild of a bubbly bath bomb and bath oil, filling your tub with bubbles and suds and transforming the bathwater into a rich, velvety treat. Oooer. Prepare to fall in love!

How to Make DIY Chocolate Ganache Fizzing Bath Biscuits


Foaming Aromatherapy Bath Concentrate

Today’s DIY is ultra-simple; I designed it to be a safe and easy way to add essential oils to baths with some added bubbles. Putting essential oils in baths is really common, but can be problematic if not done properly. Essential oils are oil-soluble, so without some sort of emulsifier or solubilizer they won’t properly mix into bathwater—they’ll float on top, where they can contact the skin in high concentrations. Combine high concentrations with the magnifying heat of a hot bath and that can be bad news for your naked body 😬

How to Make Foaming Aromatherapy Bath Concentrate


Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner

Today we’re revisiting a project I first shared in May 2014—a rich body lotion inspired by a popular LUSH product—as part of my Bee Better work. This six-years-later update features a new emulsifier, fully percentage-ified amounts, clearer instructions, and a hefty dose of moisturizing vegetable glycerin for super-soft skin. It smells wonderfully of roses and lemon and leaves your post-shower skin feeling fantabulous!

How to Make Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner


Argan Rose Valentine Bath Bombs

Happy almost-Valentine’s-Day! We’re celebrating this year with some seasonal bath bombs, featuring some shimmery mica painting and lovely pink fizzing. They smell beautifully of rose and lemon, in keeping with the shampoo bars I shared last week, but you could definitely choose a different valentine-y scent if you wanted to! Florals, vanilla, and/or chocolate all come to mind as deliciously seasonal scents 😄 I pressed these bath bombs into cubes using The Bath Bomb Press, though you can also hand-mould them if you don’t have a press.

How to Make Argan Rose Valentine Bath Bombs(more…)

Winter Solstice Bath Bombs

Today we’re creating some striking bath bombs to celebrate the winter solstice (technically the solstice was the night of the 21st, but here in Calgary the 23rd is only 8 seconds longer than the 21st, so I think we can still call it solstice season!). A cool, purpley base shimmers like the night sky with accents of colour-shifting biodegradable glitter. Once in the bath, these sparkly tub treats fizz away, turning your bath water purple with dancing whorls of glitter. Pair with a mug of hot tea and a good book for a perfect winter night!

How to Make Winter Solstice Bath Bombs