Perfectly Pillowy Whipped Shea Butter

I’m pretty excited about this simple yet perfectly pillowy whipped shea butter! This two-ingredient formulation came about as part of my work on last spring’s Why is my body butter not whipping? video. I needed lots of b-roll of different body butters being whipped—successfully and otherwise—to round out that video. I mixed up this formulation expecting it to be my too-soft flop example… but it was perfect 😍. It quickly because my most favourite-est whipped shea butter, earning a coveted spot in my desk drawer for frequent application—to my hands! Me + body butter + hands is a rare combo, so you know this is something special. Decadent, scoopy, creamy, lightweight—divine.

How to Make Perfectly Pillowy Whipped Shea Butter


Hot Chocolate Body Butter Bars

Body butter bars—also called lotion bars—are a great beginner-friendly DIY. Today I’m going to share a chocolate-y body butter bar formulation that employs two of my top strategies for making expensive-feeling body butter bars that will impress your friends and make fabulous gifts. Let’s dive in!


Hot Chocolate Natural Body Butter

Today we’re kicking off our holiday 2022 making with a silky, decadent Hot Chocolate Natural Body Butter 🍫 This formulation is part of our first theme—Hot Chocolate! This is a bit of a “Bee Better” of a theme I very briefly touched on back in 2013. It was just a soap, and I wanted to do the theme justice with a few more decadent formulations 😋


4 tips to make your body butters feel expensive

If you’re looking to make your body butters stand out—make them feel more expensive, lighter, and lovelier—here are four of my top tips to do just that! These tips can be used for all kinds of body butter formulations—whipped body butters, body balms, body butter bars, hard body butters, soft and scoopable body butters, and more! I’ve included formulation guidelines and sample formulations for each tip so you know where to start. Let’s dive in!


Raspberry Mint No-Melt Summer Body Butter

This silky, indulgent Raspberry Mint No-Melt Summer Body Butter has all the luxurious loveliness you want in a body butter, but it’s much lighter—making it perfect for summer skincare! It is an emulsified body butter, so it’s not only faster absorbing than anhydrous body butters thanks to its water content, but it also won’t melt in hot temperatures ☀️ Let’s dive in!

How to Make Raspberry Mint No-Melt Summer Body Butter