Hydrating Body Mist

After decades of winters with dry skin, I’ve started to think “if I’m going to be dry, I might as well make it interesting.” That’s where this hydrating body mist comes in. It’s perfect for spritzing yourself with right after you get out of the shower—it’ll impart some added moisture without much added work. Plus, it kind of has the effect of turning your January bathroom into a bit of a tropical spa, and if a tropical spa is the end destination, I will happily bridge any gaps with my imagination.



Heat Wave Peppermint Spray (Air Conditioning in a Bottle)

This spray is absolutely brilliant in the heat. It is literally air conditioning in a bottle. Before you go cracking jokes about how Canadians don’t know anything about heat, let me say that it was 40°C (104°F) the day I made and tested this spray, and while that isn’t exactly melt-the-soles-of-your-shoes kind of hot, most people would agree that it isn’t exactly parka weather.

How to make Air Conditioning in a Bottle (more…)

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