Soft Oat Hand Lotion

This pillowy, silky hand lotion has earned a much-coveted spot on my bedside table. I positively adore how it makes my skin feel; it is richly moisturizing without being greasy, and has a luxurious, powdery finish. I thought a wonderful hand lotion formulation was well overdue, and this one more than fits the bill.


Raspberry Lavender Soothing Body Milk

This Raspberry Lavender Soothing Body Milk is a lightweight, drizzle-able, all-natural body milk made with a new-to-me palm-free emulsifier. It’s a gorgeous way to moisturize and soothe summer skin without feeling weighed down or greasy. Let’s dive in!


Winter Solstice Facial Cleansing Cream

This silky, slippy, honey and rose scented Winter Solstice Cleansing Cream is a positively divine way to gently cleanse your skin at the darkest, coldest time of year (if you’re in the southern hemisphere you might prefer this summer solstice themed formulation!). This cleanser is so mild that you can also use it as a lotion once you’re done cleansing (it’s a really lovely lotion!), and it’s as easy to make as any lotion. Let’s dive in!

How to Make Winter Solstice Facial Cleansing Cream


Candlelight Body Cream

A theme centred around rich, indulgent, glowy goodness definitely needs a rich body cream, and this one fits the bill beautifully. Not only does it moisturize, hydrate, and soothe, but it also contains an all-natural active to help even out skin tone and reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation!

How to Make Candlelight Body Cream


Super Simple Natural Lotion

If you’ve been wanting to make an all-natural lotion but haven’t been sure where to start—start here! You’ll need just six ingredients to make this Super Simple Natural Lotion. It’s a lightweight, pumpable, moisturizing lotion that makes a great hand and body lotion. This post is mostly about the ingredients and formulation structure, while the partner video is more about how to make it and technique tips and tricks. Please make sure you’re checking out both parts for the best possible learning experience 😄 Let’s dive in!

How to Make Super Simple Natural Lotion