Radiant Berry Hand & Body Cream

Today’s formulation stars three utterly lovely carrier oils to create a richly moisturizing Radiant Berry Hand & Body Cream. It smells fresh, tart, and juicy, and includes a few of my favourite moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin happy and hydrated. This is also a great formulation to use a homemade glycerite in if you happen to have one in your pantry that’s begging to be used. Let’s dive in!

How to Make Radiant Berry Hand & Body Cream


Sourdough Body Cream

Today we’re whipping up something fun and different—a Sourdough Body Cream. I had a blast developing and testing this DIY! This is a great way to start using fun and beneficial fermented ingredients in your DIY skincare in an easy, accessible way.

How to Make Sourdough Body Cream


Strawberry Kiwi Body Yogurt

Today we’re whipping up an ultra-light, super-slippy, richly moisturizing Strawberry Kiwi Body Yogurt. I’ve had a ton of requests for a body yogurt formulation, and I had lots of fun working on this DIY. The scent comes from a juicy strawberry distillate, and the kiwi element comes from ultra-light kiwi oil. If you like your lotions ultra-light, this is for you!

How to Make Strawberry Kiwi Body Yogurt


Honey Bee Mine Body Lotion

Brr! This week has been frigid; as I type this, it’s -37°C with wind chill outside. It’s the first proper cold snap we’ve had this winter. Along with that cold, it’s also very dry. I currently have four (4!) humidifiers running in my home, and they barely make a dent in the dryness—I’m just less likely to wake up with my face prickling with dryness. So—formulation to the rescue! We’re showing some love to our skin with today’s Honey Bee Mine Body Lotion. This lovely lotion features rich shea butter, fragrant rose hydrosol, and some seriously moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and honey to help your winter skin be as happy as possible.

How to Make Honey Bee Mine Body Lotion


Shealoe Emulsified Body Butter

Today I’m sharing my first Bee Better 3.0 project; a soft and creamy Shealoe Emulsified Body Butter that’s an evolution on a shea butter and aloe vera heavy formulation I first shared in 2014, and then revised in 2019. This updated 2021 version uses a new emulsifier to create a product that is lighter, softer, smoother, and easier to apply. It’s definitely better, and you should make it 😄

How to Make Shealoe Emulsified Body Butter


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